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Dolphins add Sonny Mitchell’s experience to their ranks

loss miami dolphins They never stop adding momentum to their ranks, as reported by Ian Rapoport for NFL Network, sony…

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loss miami dolphins They never stop adding momentum to their ranks, as reported by Ian Rapoport for NFL Network, sony michelle He is about to sign a contract with the people of Florida.

who was a member of new England PatriotsMore recently. from Los Angeles RamsoPlays as a running back, an offensive aspect that he lacked in talent last year.

In 2021, Miami was ranked 30th at Rushing Yards out of 32 teams competing annually in the NFL, something they are trying to improve upon with the arrival of Mitchell, and the previous signings of Raheem Mostart and Chase Edmonds.

Mitchell comes after playing 17 games for the Rams, posting his third-highest running yards with 845 as well as 4 touchdowns, more than the Dolphins’ top running back, Miles Gaskin, last season.

As if that wasn’t enough, Soni Michele being the 2 time champion comes to contribute her talent and winning experience super bowlOne with Patriots in 2019, and the other with Ram 2 months ago.

speed to max

Everything indicates that the Dolphins will be one of the highest-paced franchises in their squad, with the aforementioned players arriving as well. tyrek hillConsidered one of the fastest in the league, if not the fastest.

Hill landed in Miami, agreeing to be traded by the Kansas City Chiefs, where he earned a Super Bowl title, 6 Pro Bowl selections, 3 first-team All Pro selections, and was named to the 2010 Team of the Decade.

On the other hand, dolphins have Jaylen WaddleThe team’s rookie sensation last season, set a new record for welcoming a freshman with 104.

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Under whom else will Miami’s new head coach, Mike McDaniel? Tua Tagovailoa As the quarterback, who proved what a great leader he can be last year, the Dolphins will be an interesting team to watch as the season begins in September.

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