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Does the full function exist?

In collaboration with Banco Santander Changing jobs from time to time is a continuum that has been on the rise…

By admin , in news , at May 27, 2022

In collaboration with Banco Santander

Changing jobs from time to time is a continuum that has been on the rise in recent years, whether in search of new growth opportunities, for personal reasons, due to changes in the work environment, to maintain a better balance between personal and work life. be for, or be due to the desire to be right. job, but really, does this job exist?

It is true that perfection is difficult to achieve, however, when evaluating what conditions a company offers to engage us in our daily operations, there are notable differences between some entities and others.

Each company classified as “Premium” has the best features, according to consultants with expertise in creating rankings, that provide an exceptional experience for employees, with maximum trust and fairness for all and There is a fair work environment.

Characteristics of ideal work

The ideal job is one that you love and that gives you enough financial stability to live with dignity. If we had to do a survey it would be the common denominator, but it is true that there are many other factors that make any worker’s “way” easier. We are talking about internal platforms that allow the company to know and address the concerns of all the employees working in it.

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digital devices working day Created by a unit headed by Anna Bottin, would be the perfect example. It is a platform that facilitates team management, especially in companies with a large number of workers. It can be accessed through the employee portal and any mobile phone, and can be consulted on any news of general or personal interest in real time. Schedules, payroll, or any process managed by the Human Resources Department other than professional information only
If we talk about the most human part, the first thing anyone who starts a new job wants to know is the perception of their colleagues in front of the company they are working for. It is the goal of these little ones to listen and learn from the experiences of others. “Talks” Those who are born with that premise and where different workers in turn appear to “tell” their professional stories, overcoming situations or the present in full swing.

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Reconciliation and New Opportunities

We live on an increasingly sustainable planet, which also means a fair society. Because promoting diversity and inclusion of all people (regardless of their age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic status) has become a priority for everyone in every part of our lives. The business world has already gotten to work and aligned with its corporate strategies, but what action is being taken in this regard?

Combining work and family life and promoting the role of women in the company, especially in managerial positions, are premises that are the order of the day and where companies have been placing more emphasis in recent years.

Telecom arrived with Covid 19 and is here to stay. Increased productivity, or job satisfaction, are great benefits that workers see with these new guidelines. Therefore, we can say that the flexibility of time to be able to complete other activities or daily routine has become one of the most important objectives in a society in which time is money.

Fostering talent is the key to success

Feeling valued and recognized are two characteristics that every worker seeks throughout their career, to have an environment that has opportunities to foster inner talent. For this, companies should promote continuing training courses for both managers and those who are not. From other courses like cyber security, languages ​​or relationships with customers and suppliers to health, environment, fight against corruption etc.

Fostering talent is the key to successMarta Ortega

On the other hand, offering new networking opportunities, meeting new personal challenges and ultimately motivating those who work to give the best of themselves is a pillar that very few companies know how to promote. Young Leaders, promoted by Banco Santander, is exactly one initiative that seeks to enhance the leadership skills of over a hundred young people across the group; learning program with which participants take advantage of agile methodology; Design Thinking to enhance your skills as leaders while solving business problems.

If we look back, a task was a place where a certain task had to be done during a certain amount of time. But today’s society has changed it into something else. Rules have changed and the line between professional and personal life has become very blurred. And you. Do you think he has the best job you could have?

Does the full function exist?

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