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Doctor, or activist of AMLO’s tyranny?

Every day as López Obrador’s six-year term shortens, it becomes clear – for those who want to see it –…

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Every day as López Obrador’s six-year term shortens, it becomes clear – for those who want to see it – that the Mexican president is no longer working to solve great national problems. In fact, Obrador cares nothing about the safety of citizens, nor is he interested in ending violence and crime, bringing the poor out of their prostitution, and bringing health and education to a level of excellence. He is not interested in fulfilling his promises at all. It is also clear that López cares little or nothing about democracy, transparency, accountability, guarantees that the constitution will be respected and even freedom of expression, journalists’ lives and above all else. He doesn’t care about honesty. And then what does the Mexican president care about? The truth is that every day of the dying government of AMLO is an opportunity for the Mexican president to be called by some as a “coup” and others describe as “re-election”. President”; the craze that, in both cases, is what we’ve defined here as Lopez’s “potential dictatorship” since May 2018. AMLO–, would be fundamental. That’s why it’s in the President’s interest that such doctors be in charge of indigenization in the most marginalized regions of the country—Guerrero, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Puebla and Hidalgo, among others—where they will sow the defense of Obrador’s “transformation”, in the event that Morena, his candidate or López He himself is defeated in 2024. So the so-called Cuban doctor would actually fuel hate and propaganda campaigns in favor of the Obrador dictatorship and his main task was to organize a popular uprising that would aim to return to the hands of the “absolute dictatorship”. Tabasco.

But we are going step by step in Lopez’s re-election efforts.

1.- As already stated, the alleged Doctor of Cuba will indeed be a key player in the rebellion that is already being prepared from the Palace in the event of a final electoral defeat in July 2024.
Yes, indeed “doctors” would be “corrupted” in the poorest communities, where they would carry out an indigenization work with a plan copied from the EZLN in Chiapas.
Thus, shock groups from the poorest communities across the country – Guerrero, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Puebla and others – will mobilize, with an alleged fraud argument, to defend the vote in 2024, if so. So how can it be that Morena party has lost.

2.- The powerful social force that would awaken in the poorest areas of the country would be supported by another powerful ally of the AMLO government; Organized crime, which, in turn, would play a more less significant role in factual pressure on poor communities, garnering the protection vote.

3.- Until then, the INE and the Electoral Tribunal will be wholly subordinate, since neither Lorenzo Córdoba nor Ciro Murayama would be present in the first case, which would give López total control of a subordinate institution, in addition to the fact that the previous As in the April election, the election referees will not have sufficient financial resources.
As such, if citizens vote to remove López from power, the argument that will emerge from the palace is that a blatant fraud had been committed, followed by a rebellion that the “doctors” would have orchestrated.

4.- In turn, the judiciary, completely subdued, would support the President’s disqualification of elections, while the Electoral Court would be just a puppet.

5.—But perhaps the most relevant role will be played by both the Army, Navy and National Guard, who remain in the streets—supporting the President—to avoid civilian protests, while the harassment and arrest of opponents, critics and dissidents.

6.- By then there will be hundreds of dead Mexican journalists and those who have not left the country will be subject to the exemplary fear imposed from today- exemplary destruction has already done its homework; Bump many critics–while the big media–press, radio, television and digital platforms– will already be part of Palacio’s list.
And if today the large media are hostages of the Palace’s satrap, then by 2024 the most elementary criticism of the dictator will not be

7.- Something similar must have happened with the state governments and municipalities of the country as well, because the overwhelming majority would be in the hands of Morena and therefore, anyone who dares to protest, as they would be crushed.

8.- Until then, breaking up with the government of the United States would be a definite achievement—no matter what its president—because as of today the Palace is encouraging a breakup capable of justifying the madness of the dictatorship, as well as that The Mexican president will declare to the world that he is the champion of the fight against the “terrible kingdom of the North”.
And for that today López cultivates banana dictators, who will stand in defense of the “brother” who will be able to subdue the empire in times to come.

9.- And in that fight against the “Empire of the North” the banana dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia … and Russia and North Korea will be with Mexico and its President Obrador.

10.—And in the face of this tragedy, Mexican businessmen would be able to do little or nothing, as they would be subdued by a nefarious initiative of the court—promoted by the President’s deprivations—which proposes that the SAT intervene—without a court. Order of – -, in the bank accounts of both natural and legal persons.

In other words, the Treasury would be able to investigate the accounts of individuals and companies, in order to imprison everyone who pleases the Lopez government.

In other words, a dictatorship in all extensions of the word.

And that’s why the question: Do you think the decalogue is crazy enough to produce the Lopez dictatorship? Do you think this is far from reality when they once meet a brash president?

In fact, it is a decalogue that bets on the re-election of López Obrador.

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Doctor, or activist of AMLO’s tyranny?

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