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Disappointing dismissals, Yolanda Diaz’s new invention to destroy businessmen

Yolanda Diaz has decided to go around working market in Spain. He says he wants to adapt it to the…

By admin , in news , at June 7, 2022

Yolanda Diaz has decided to go around working market in Spain. He says he wants to adapt it to the European model, but that means pushing and breaking businessmen to the limit. remodeling Work That Europe doesn’t want to change anymore.

21st century labor laws, Every time Diaz talks about opportunity, it has different motives that even social agents don’t know. At that time, leftist parliamentary groups pressed for the recovery of 45 days compensation to unfair dismissal, but the vice president was talking about a “resurgent and disappointing dismissal”.

How the Left sees the alarm sparked among businessmen overprotects worker and prevents or makes dismissal more expensive. Of small jobs and the ability to change jobs or do multiple jobs was never successful because they rated it as crap job, Nor did Spain have a work culture of moving between conditions throughout a productive life.

The “More Ambitious Look at Compensation” That Diaz Seeks Is About to Raise Costs dismissal In the event that an employee is dismissed at an age close to retirement or when the contribution years are not sufficient.

Yolanda Diaz tries to increase the cost of dismissal in case an employee is dismissed at a near retirement age

With this measure, it tries to prevent the employer from sacking an employee. over 55 years old Or do it with a sizable compensation that protects you for years that last until you retire if you don’t find another job.

expert Labor Law Consulted by L Debate assures that “you will always have to look at the other side of these measures” and give as an example that “the employer will take care of hiring this type of profile because, if they don’t perform Or are hired only for a while, the dismissal will further bring many advantages ».

On the other hand, he remembers that there are already remedies that have given good results. one of them is recruiting over 52 years old Full-time and indefinitely. Companies have benefits and compensation for facilitating this type of contract.

labor clamp

Diaz and Escriva want to labor clamp Exactly about entrepreneurs. It should be remembered that the Labor Minister wants the pension to be calculated taking into account the entire working life of the workers and not the last few years.

Not much is known about this proposal from Yolanda Diaz. It was not on the dialog table and has not received any response from entrepreneurs Because it was not something formal. Garamendi had already said in reference to the government’s shock plan at the time that “if the vice president doesn’t allow the dismissal, let them set up a company and do it themselves” and defended that the companies “don’t.” dismiss For hobbies”.

Now, with this new objectionable dismissal, what the Vice President can achieve is that even hiring becomes distasteful and unemployment rises One of the old profiles you want to keep safe.

Disappointing dismissals, Yolanda Diaz’s new invention to destroy businessmen

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