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Dina Sacrifices Time With Her Children To Save Lives In Cruz Rosa Guasave

Gusaway, Sinaloa.- Dina Rodriguez Munozu Used to be Lifeguards and Radio Operators in the Red Cross Guasave for more than…

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Gusaway, Sinaloa.- Dina Rodriguez Munozu Used to be Lifeguards and Radio Operators in the Red Cross Guasave for more than three years, in addition she is also a mother Of the two young people who support her with the aim that she can continue with her profession, she sets out every day in search of sustenance despite life’s obstacles and challenges.

Three years ago he graduated from the Guasev Red Cross Medical Emergency Technical School, where he spent a year training to help people who need medical attention.


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Dinah comes from a family of lifeguards, so it is in her blood, as her father was a radio amateur from the Civil Defense and a firefighter worker, while her brother was a diver, firefighter and member of the Civil Defense as well as a paramedic. So who decided to continue the family legacy.

He mentioned that more than 27 years ago he did his social service in Medhavi, however, he returned to his 37 years as a lifesaver, not only by profession, but also by heart, as he always liked to help the population. So who accepted the opportunity to work as a radio operator and lifeguard.


She explained that it is a great challenge to practice the profession of lifeguard and be a mother at the same time, due to the limited time she has to be with her children, as the working hours as a paramedic is 2:00 pm to 10:00 am. , every week, although it rotates.

She explained that her children are a fundamental part of her life, because they are the engine to move forward, because they get their unconditional support, so they are very understanding.

Hence, in their spare time they take the opportunity to spend time together as a family.

He explained that it was difficult to be able to adapt to the new system that the Red Cross is currently in at their age, as the teaching strategy is very different from 27 years ago.

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He insisted that before entering Meritorious, he always sought a sustenance to be able to support his children, which he did with cakes, scones, crafts and nails.

Dina had to stop making cakes, as time was limited and the idea was to prioritize saving lives.