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Diaz announces labor inspection campaign against fraud

Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, yolanda diazooannounced this Wednesday the launch next week of a…

By admin , in news , at May 18, 2022

Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, yolanda diazooannounced this Wednesday the launch next week of a campaign by the Labor Inspectorate to investigate possible fraud in fixed-discontinuance contracts.

Diaz recalls labor reform extended sanctions 10.000 euro For companies that fail to comply with the criteria and have them “individualized”, the company can be fined for each employee in breach of the law.

temporary contract

The Vice President announced this inspection drive during the government’s control session in the plenary session of Congress and in response to a question from the PP Deputy. Carmen NavarroWho has accused the minister of making new temporary contracts fixed-unrelated contracts.

« It has ended neither with impermanence nor with uncertainty, it has increased them. His labor counter-reform formula included a name change. Will you be a better minister if we change your name? No, it will be the same minister, the juggler of employment figures, because in September or at the latest in October, when sure-dissatisfied workers go home, they will be unemployed and you will not be counted in the figures. Is this magic or a scam? ” He asked. Navarro to Diaz.

The vice president has reprimanded the PP deputy ignorance Regarding the fixed-discontinuous contract, since, as he has defended, it is an indefinite contract, with full rights, with all the protections of the normal contract, with equal protection against dismissal and accrual of seniority.

“You can go through every single manual Labor Law Spain as well as the 2,796 resolutions that the Supreme Court has issued on this matter and I challenge you to find a sentence that says this contract is temporary,” Diaz said.

Labor reform ends withYolanda Diaz, Minister of Labor and Social Economy

The minister has outlined that fixed-discontinuous contracts are designed to deal with seasonality and explained whether Government Labor reform aims to demonstrate that seasonal activities can lead to stable contracts, in contrast, Diaz commented, of “disposable workers” that the PP executive promoted in agricultural and tourism campaigns, where “work contracts or More and more, for days”.

“This is what ends with labor reform,” said the Vice President, who has emphasized that one out of every two contracts signed in the first four months of the year has been undefined,

The PP deputy, for his part, has asked the minister for “less triumphantism for both”. accomplish» Called Diaz to pay attention to employment figures, and to what the communities of Madrid and Andalusia do, as between them they generate almost half of the jobs created in Spain.

Diaz announces labor inspection campaign against fraud

2022-05-18 09:27:17