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Despite Puma’s efforts, Chivas was better and is in the semifinals.

Despite the patience shown by the football players of puma dress from UNAMThis was not enough when he reached Chivas…

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Despite the patience shown by the football players of puma dress from UNAMThis was not enough when he reached Chivas del. fell by a score of 3-2 (5-4 on aggregate) against Guadalajarain the second phase of quarter final of tournament Shout Mexico Clausura 2022 from Women’s MX League disputed Akron StadiumWhere Alicia Cervantes, Jacqueline Rodriguez You ruby soto He was recognized for his two-time goal-scoring championship and his 100 goals with the herd, respectively.

Jacqueline Rodriguez and Ruby Soto honored with Chivas Twitter @ChivasFemenil for their 100 matches.

scorer for holy flock They were Michelle Gonzalez on 40, Carolina Jaramillo on 54′ and Alicia Cervantes on 85 on penalties; Led by, University students Karina BezoLiliana Rodriguez opened the scoring at 5′ and Ariel Chavarin at 33′.

To Alicia Cervantes on her Twitter scoring title @ChivasFemenil. awarded for

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After a 2-2 draw in the first leg played on Friday University Olympic StadiumWhere Ariel Chavarin scored two goals for Auriazules. Liliana Rodriguez The first score of the afternoon-night for Felin was scored at 5 minutes when he found a center in left sector to finish a long-distance pump with his left foot and left the goalkeeper. Shivaz, white felix,

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Later, Alice Cervantes -2 times goalscorer champion – was looking for her score, but had a central whistle Priscilla Perez Borja threw him out of place. American midfielder at 33′ Ariel Chavarin He threw the ball down the right wing to shoot with his right foot in the field and placed the second for Pedregal’s team. Taste didn’t last long, at 40 Caroline Jaramillo Corner kick from the left wing, placed in the middle and Michelle Gonzalezzo led goals for those who lead John Paul Alfaro,

Ariel Chavarin once again on Twitter Scoreboard @PumasMXFemenil . were present at

Already in the second half, Chivas was insistent, at 54′, after driving Alice Cervanteswho gave Joseline Montoya a pass to cross the right wing Caroline Jaramillo, which he finished with a header and placed 2-2 (4-4 on aggregate). Chivas was in the semi-finals at that time.

‘Leecha’ Cervantes dressed up as a heroine Twitter @ChivasFemenil

But the situation improved for him at 84′ chivario, Dirs Delgado pushed to Joseline Montoya In area. Priscilla Pérez Borja decided the maximum penalty and Alicia Cervantes shot with her right foot at 85′. Melanie Villeda, Thus, Electronic 3-2 (5-4 overall favorable for Holy Swarm) is enough to become the third semi-finalist. tigers You pachuca, scratch You Tijuana define series BBVA Stadium,