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Deputy and Senators Condemn the Murder of Luis Enrique Ramirez

Mexico. – In the Tribune of the Congress of Sinaloa, Condemnation of Morena, PRI and public representatives without any party,…

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Mexico. – In the Tribune of the Congress of Sinaloa, Condemnation of Morena, PRI and public representatives without any party, Tomorrow Wednesday May 11, Journalist Luis Enrique Ramirez murdered, It was Deputy Alma Rosa Garzón Aguilar, the chairman of the Justice Commission, who stated that Talking about politics makes this job extremely risky.


He agreed that justice was a social demand, but he was confident that Governor Rubén Rocha would do everything in his power and Collaborate with the State Attorney General’s office to clarify this murder. He also gave his vote of confidence to Sarah Bruna Quinonez, the head of the said prosecutor’s office, to clarify the matter.

At the point of ordinary affairs of the extraordinary session, the case of Luis Enrique Ramírez was dealt with by Murray’s deputy Cecilia Covarrubias González, who highlighted that Crime of journalists means impact on right to information and truth They have all Mexicans and Mexicans.

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He questioned that public insecurity remains a strong problem in the country and warned that there is a strong demand that no punishment should be given. However, he clarified that Governor Rubén Rocha Moya has established a strong position of absolute respect for freedom of the press and said that his administration would have no place for officials who prosecute journalists because of their professional practice. drive or file.

PRI deputy Gloria Himelda Felix Niebla explained that the press can be good or bad, but made it clear that without freedom, there will always be a bad press.

PAS deputy Elizabeth Chia Galaviz called the aggression against journalists across the country and in Sinaloa “very clever” unacceptable. He also talked about Enforce the law to protect journalists and human rights defenders.

minute of silence

Delegates from the Sinaloa Congress observed a minute’s silence, as they stood up and recognized journalist and debate columnist Luis Enrique Ramírez during an extraordinary session held this Wednesday. It was suggested that the Journalists’ Union expect an overwhelming response to this aggression.

It was up to Deputy Cecilia Covarrubias Gonzalez to take the stage and say that the law is sensitive and humanitarian, it is a commitment to approve the law to protect journalists.

Public safety remains one of the major problems of the country and its solution remains a challenge.

managing committee

Senator Mario Zamora condemned the murders of journalist Luis Enrique Ramirez and Veracruz journalists Yesenia Molinedo and Johanna García. He also called for strengthening the security apparatus for journalists and keeping political hate speech against them at bay.

Zamora expressed that our country is facing violence against journalists who have been killing many people for decades, but the situation has worsened in the last three years.
felony conviction

PRI federal deputy Paloma Sánchez called on the government of the state of Sinaloa to clarify the murder of journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez Ramos and punish those responsible.

he indicated that Mexico becomes most dangerous country to practice journalism in the world. The proof of this, he argued, is that, in less than five months This year has passed 11 journalists have already been killed.

The Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) condemned the humiliating massacre of 11 communicators in Mexico this year, the most recent victims of which include two female journalists from Veracruz.

To understand…

A week after the murder of Luis Enrique

A week has passed since the cunning assassination of journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez Ramos, who was a reporter and columnist for the debate and worked for other national media outlets such as El Universal, El Financiero and La Jornada.

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Last Thursday, May 5, they found the body of Luis Enrique Ramírez around the El Ranchito neighborhood; The body was wrapped in plastic and there were bullet marks in one leg and a blow to the head. Also a writer, he was also the founder and director of the digital newspaper Fuentes Fidignas.

The Attorney General of the State of Sinaloa (FGE) indicated that investigations into the case were already progressing, although no people had been taken into custody as of this Wednesday.

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Deputy and Senators Condemn the Murder of Luis Enrique Ramirez

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