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Decisions are made by the Assembly; Heredia Leader of Japas

Sinaloa. – Every time it was rumored that inside the Union of Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewage of…

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Sinaloa. – Every time it was rumored that inside the Union of Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewage of Salvador Alvarado (Japasa), directed by Joel Giovanni Heredia Soberenses, there was Limitation of participation by internal process of election of new leadership which is the date of August 10th, the leaders were clear and specific that participation was by no means limited, but that Agreements made by the General Assembly must be respected.

Heredia Soberens argued that the general body meeting of the Union added decisions to preserve the unity of the Union and it was agreed that The current board of directors of the association remainedA decision that is found in the internal union documentation, and which is endorsed by 85 percent of the members, which speaks as a majority registered and that continuation was agreed on the basis of that position.

“These are not decisions that I specifically make, they are agreements that are made by a majority of the assembly.”

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We are a strong and united union that has always made agreements based on the reform of the union, not on the basis of special interests, assured Joel Giovanni Heredia.

The meeting where agreement was reached to validate the continuity of the executive committee currently representing the union was held on Friday.

According to workers, confirmation of continuity is due to the results obtained from the head of the union, such as reform of the contract, as well as a commitment to strengthen the unity of this group for the benefit of the worker.

They demand the discovery of Martha Alejandra, who disappeared 10 days earlier in Urupan, Michoacani.

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