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Debt has exceeded a trillion and GDP over 600,000 million since 2000: this is how we are staring to death

No, I’m not mad. Yes, I have checked the statistics several times. All GDP data is from national accounts. All…

By admin , in news , at May 25, 2022

No, I’m not mad. Yes, I have checked the statistics several times. All GDP data is from national accounts. All loan data is from the Bank of Spain and its report for the first quarter of 2020, presented to the media on 17 May.

And of course and before we end this article, we have gone crazy.

Jose María Aznar collects a country distributed by Felipe González, with a 1995 GDP of 460,000 million and debt of 283,500 million, 61.5% of GDP.

It has managed to grow the economy by 74%, meaning it is growing by around 342,000 million euros, while debt grows by 99,000 million and falls to 47.7% from representing 61.5% of GDP. has gone.

Is it a pity that this president of the government did not have a little more diplomatic methods in his relations with the media, or is it a pity that he did not use the media used by the socialist governments of this country.

His management was impeccable from an economic point of view. He reduced public spending, controlled debt, and made the economy more developed than spending and debt.

But the Socialists come to rule again, after an attack in Madrid that changed the sign of the votes, zapateroWhich achieves a state with a GDP of 802,000 million euros and a debt of 383,000 million.

Again we have the era of socialist management which shows its inability to understand the economy. We have a period of government when things run on their own in an alliance of civilizations, when the market enters a bubble and government is dedicated to members and “members”, and when the Lehman Brothers crisis hits, bibiana ado Stands with its most majestic phrase: “If Lehman Brothers were Lehman “Sisters”, everything would be different.”

Obviously, if the economy is managed at the ideological level of political management, it turns out that with Zapatero and his progressive government the debt grows by 94%, while the economy has only been able to grow by 33%.

So much so that, alone and without help, they are able to turn the tables and not burn, they raise debt by 3.6 times more than Aznar and gross domestic product 80,000 million less.

It is clear that when a socialist government is in power, there is no doubt that the governance, which is said to govern, is not very clear to them, but they neither know nor know about economics. Just want to know.

His favorite phrase: Spend to grow.

Their reality: they always cost, we almost never grow.

Zapatero and his government leave a bankrupt country, in the crosshairs of intervention, Europe wants to send us men in BlackLike Portugal, Ireland and Greece, and ready to stand firm and salute.

but it comes Rajoy and his inability to communicate.

How strange, the ruling party and the media criticized. The day the right wing learns that the media should be friends, not enemies, they will surely do a little better.

What Rajoy gets: Countries discouraged from unemployment, permanent bankruptcy of companies, especially small and medium-sized, unattainable interest rates and tremendous European pressure to fix state deficits.

During the first three years, the calamity is huge, the economy collapses, it does not know how to take advantage of the opportunity to reform the administration and reduce the expenses that could have saved this country from the barbarism of indebtedness , which exceeds 100% of GDP for the first time.

Rajoy lost a golden opportunity: to change the local administration, without provincial councils, propose a reform of the town hall and, in short, leave it a transformed country if it was necessary to go into debt.

When a country reaches a Loan When GDP exceeds 100%, you should start taking drastic measures to reduce that debt and consider a period of reducing the body fat that has accumulated over time.

But, instead of this happening to us, this country came under attack from power through a censure motion from a party whose general secretary was caught cheating in an extraordinary congress of his party to remove the general secretary.

A president who took several months to call an election, only to be ruled later by the one with whom he swore an oath that he would never rule.

But yes, they found a country that was, on average, the most developed in Europe over the past three years and, since then, has once again focused on everything except the economy.

we have to reason Sanchez: he’s a weird president, everything goes wrong for him, the pandemic, the energy crisis, the war in Ukraine, Morocco who clones his cell phone and so we can continue talking about what he touches it it turns into something that smells.

And so, we come to the end of this story, in which we have reached 1,427 billion, compared to December 31, 1999, which was 362,000 million, we can conclude that yes, we have reached 1,065 billion euros. has borrowed, or what is the same, 1.1 billion euros, while our economy has grown by only 609,340 million.

We’re absolutely insane, we’ve completely lost the answer, we’re about to fall straight off a cliff, with only rocks and solitude at the bottom.

But if I also tell you that in the first quarter of the year itself, we continued to borrow 30,000 million more, despite the fact that the tax revenue figures are the highest in the history of democracy, it is insane.

But I’ll leave that for another day.

Let us stop this economic bloodbath once and for all.

Let’s say enough and loudly, out loud every day. We can’t go like this.

Debt has exceeded a trillion and GDP over 600,000 million since 2000: this is how we are staring to death

2022-05-25 02:42:24