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Death followed journalists Johanna and Yesenia

Minatitlan, Veracruz.- Yesenia Molinedo Falconi She got a call and immediately spoke to her mother as if she was being…

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Minatitlan, Veracruz.- Yesenia Molinedo Falconi She got a call and immediately spoke to her mother as if she was being sentenced. Before the murder, she confessed to her mother that she was scared; That he had received threats over the phone and that the suspects were remembering the routes of his work.

It was the first time he had behaved like this. “I had eight siblings and I can tell you that except Yesenia, seven are cowards. If she had suspected you, she would have stopped and confronted you, but in recent times she has been awkward, ” Says Ramiro Molinedo, the brother of the founder of Veraz newspaper, who was shot with his camerawoman on May 9. Sheila Johanna Garcia Oliveira,

Yesenia’s fears were misunderstood, as it happened amid an apparent cessation of high-impact crimes in Kosolecac, a municipality where she had a slew of political sources and even Vazquez Parsi. There were also close ties with the family that came out of it. PRIs who have ruled uninterruptedly for the last 11 years.

According to official figures, Kosoleck and Minatitlan -Metropolitan city that also covered Yesenia but to a lesser extent- added barely 6 murders and zero kidnappings from January to March 2022. This criminal incident, which could be dangerous in any other region of the country, was synonymous with peace in the oil sector. of southern Veracruz.

State officials translate this peace as: Major Domain of Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) In the region where the most endangered society was trade. Former Canaco local president Jorge Hernandez said that at least 100 businesses have closed during the first two months of this year, most of them due to floor charges (extortion).

Under these conditions, Yesenia Molinedo reported together with Sheila Johanna García, whom she had recognized as a contributor to the newspaper Veraz four months earlier. They had a passionate connection that today are used by characters sponsored by the Veracruz government to spice up social networks with morbidity.

Sheila was separated from her partner on the last day of Johanna. Although he did not study journalism, the job gave him new opportunities, his relatives admit. The 33-year-old woman was abstaining from alcohol and visiting her three minor children, whom she did not live with but enjoyed weekends at the movies.

latest coverage

Yesenia has been referred to by her colleagues as a gloomy and bad-tempered man who recently got a better face after municipalities in the southern region agreed to contract advertising with hundreds of media outlets distributed in the region. Shown.

On the morning of May 9, Yesenia was driving a brown Ford Fiesta she had recently pulled out of the garage, where it had been kept for months. In a WhatsApp group, he reported the seizure of weapons and the arrest of three people in the central neighborhood of Minatitlan. He asks Sheela to accompany him to cover the news.

“My sister left but she didn’t even get out of the car. There are audios where companions make fun of him but he said what if he had already seen how many captives there were. He almost didn’t cover the police, his talk was politics”, explains Ramiro Molinedo.

After that coverage, Yesenia also contacted another friend of hers and told that it was very hot where they would meet. Hours later, the two returned to Cosolacac and were parked at an OXXO in the Cerro Alto neighborhood. There he was stopped by at least two men who fired at least 16 times. They later fled on a motorcycle. Yesenia died immediately; Johanna on the way to the hospital.

The governor, Cuitlahuac García, demonstrated the complexity of the crime with a message to the media this May 10, where he acknowledged that 24 hours after the attack, there are four lines of investigation that are being analyzed by a full team of experts. . State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

history of dangers

Fear pervades Yesenia and Sheila’s wake. In the Gravera neighborhood, in front of the Minatitlan petrochemical complex, no more than ten people guard the wooden coffin of the camerawoman. His father, Artemio, is silent most of the time and shares what the number 33 already means to him.

“At the age of 33, at the time of Sheela’s birth, my wife died of a stroke in the brain. And now at 33 they take my daughter from me. Look how beautiful she was,” says the bowed man holding a picture of Sheela, “Rest in peace.”

The family demands respect for the press and security at home from the government. They report, without giving details, that Sheila Johanna was the subject of a violent attack in 2020.

The panorama of Yesenia’s house is not so different from that of Sheila. Some people, some condolence messages and brief street protests by journalists. “There is fear everywhere,” some of them justify.

Relatives of Yesenia Molinedo warned that the last ten days of the journalist should be considered.

On April 30, she attended a Children’s Day event in the Kosoliec neighborhood, where she told her mother that suspicious men were following her on a motorcycle.

On May 4, at 12 midnight, he was upset and told that now behind him is taxi number 3584, with two strong men. “They shouted at him through the glass that they were going to kill him.”

But the history of threats and harassment goes back even further. Although Cossolack and Minatitlán were one of the biggest growth poles, they became the center of main insecurity for journalists in the state.

According to Jorge Hernandez, a member of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco), more than 100 businesses in Minatitlán and Coatzacoalcos closed their doors due to payment of fees during 2022, an illegal practice that continues in the region.

For Yesenia, the payment of the fee forced her to pay an amount each time to continue with her medium, which at the time was printed and distributed every week, says one of her brothers.

More than a day after his murder, the digital portal no longer shows information and his social networks are out of date.

Fatigue and tiredness are visible on the faces of relatives and colleagues. They do not understand the exact reasons for the attack and demand justice.

Yesenia’s brother Ramiro Molinedo Falconi, who is also a journalist, came to know about this news through a call. The man knew the history of Yesenia’s threats. “About 15 days ago they were going to put it on his mother,” he said.

Ramiro never thought that his sister would be killed, “Yesenia was bolsi, that Yesenia confronted you.”

Yesenia, who always wore a ponytail, suffered from diabetes and was missing a tooth, was known in the journalism profession for her strong character and obedient voice, could go out at six in the morning and return at midnight And his energy followed.

Those who knew him in life assured that the information allegedly circulated by expert elements took them by surprise. The woman had no history of drugs or weapons.

History of harassment and extortion

The murders of Yesenia and Johanna, aged 45 and 33, join the figures of deranged journalists and communicators in Veracruz.

There are 11 nationwide and three in Veracruz during 2022, according to data from the State Commission for the Attention and Protection of Journalists (CEAPP).

Yesenia was worried about these numbers. For a few months, she became the bait of unknown persons who attacked and harassed her while doing her job as a reporter.

In 2016, when Yesenia was buying and selling pets and iron, unidentified men approached her, beat her up and left her at the scene.

Journalist Sheila Johanna García’s father shows a photo of his daughter in life with reviews Rest in peace / Photo: Miguel León and Antonio Marin

“They spared her life, but pus came out of her breast. So they were going to operate on him, he was being treated,” his brother said.

After that incident, their relatives were kidnapped and extorted; They decided to move to neighboring cities and states.

Yesenia decided to live in Kosolyak with her mother, who stayed with her until the last moment. That decision cost him his life, his brother assured.

On 30 April, the reporter was chased and chased while leaving an event of the municipal president in Ordaz Park, where he celebrated Children’s Day. Yesenia managed to escape and took refuge with her family.

On May 8, he was followed very closely by two men on a motorcycle and then in a car. “They were municipalities”, managed to say to his brother.
he was murdered a day later

Johanna, a fleeting career in journalism

Sheila Johanna García Oliveira, along with Yesenia, was found in the same car with a credential hanging from her hand that recognized her as a camerawoman for the outlet, El Veraz.

Johanna was the mother of three minor children aged six, 11 and 15 who, according to relatives, started her career in media about six months ago.

The woman was excited to go out daily to record daily events in the area.
Her body has been veiled since Tuesday, May 10, at her home, located in the Gravera neighborhood where she was murdered, about half an hour later.

Seeing his dead body coming, his father and family could not hold back their tears. The warm atmosphere of Minatitlán pays off for the family hustle and bustle.

Relatives of journalist Sheila Johanna García receive her remains in the Gravera de Minatitlán neighborhood / Photo: Miguel León and Antonio Marin

The woman was away from her relatives, but they kept on taking the news of her life.
His body will be buried tomorrow, Wednesday, May 11, at about the same time as Yesenia.

For 17 years, there has been a record of 31 journalists murdered and seven missing, for which the Journalists Union calls for criminalization and harassment to stop.

Government of Veracruz before the murder of Yesenia and Johan

The governor of Veracruz, Cuitlahuac García, together with the state’s attorney general, Verónica Hernández Giadance, said the killing of the two journalists would not be spared.

The prosecutor’s office announced that it was working on four lines of investigation, two of them suggested first by signs at the site of the events, which have been investigated by the institution itself and second by its journalistic activity.

While public figures announce on the subject, Yesenia and Johanna’s homes are guarded by elements of the city police, they begin three patrols and only one remains.
For his part, the United States ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, described the events as cowardly and wicked.

SSP Veracruz guarding the house of journalist Sheila Johanna Garcia, murdered on May 9 / Photo: Miguel León and Antonio Marin

“The freedom of the press is under attack and an immediate response is needed to end the rise in violence against journalists,” he wrote.

After the incident, the family and the society have appealed for justice.

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