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“Dali comes to Los Mochis because of his belief in what the CIE has done”

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- alfonso mirandaThe Director of the Carlos Slim Foundation Soumya Museum, entitled to inaugurate the great temporary exhibition…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- alfonso mirandaThe Director of the Carlos Slim Foundation Soumya Museum, entitled to inaugurate the great temporary exhibition today in Los Mochis, Sinaloa “Dali. Dreams”at the Center for Innovation and Education (CIE,

In an interview for Debate, the culture professional shared his foray into the world of art and some aspects of the exhibition, the third being that the Carlos Slim Foundation shares with the folks at Cobbler’s from its valuable collection.

How was this journey of Museo Soumya?

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“It sounds like a long-term dream to me and it has been. He is 19 years old at the Carlos Slim Foundation and the Soumya Museum. I started out as a researcher and then got me to join the curator team and then a formidable one. Opportunity to lead the team. Opportunity to modify conjunctival structures, where we seek the horizontality of working with a team of women with physical, intellectual, psycho-emotional disabilities away from the vertical; traditional of a cultural institution Being able to change the edges, as the business of the Soumya Museum already was, to emphasize it, to repeal the centrality from the year 2000 and work with the states of the country.

This is the third time the Carlos Slim Foundation has worked with Sinaloa. Easy to say, but what it means to strengthen an institution like the IMCA is not easy. They are the sum of talent, human, technical and material resources. Having 14 years of CIE talks not only of education, but of the radical transformation of society based on its culture as a sentient being of human beings to change who we were; That’s why there are so many dreams in this project that has been consolidated with the trust of the Carlos Slim Foundation. When we talk about surrealism, graphic work, sculpture, painting, Salvador Dali has a specific importance in the history of art.

It really becomes an opportunity for us cultural professionals and the public for which we work. It is not a window to the past, it is a window to the present. That is why this new strengthening of the long-term relationship we hope will allow us to continue this relationship.

How did this collection of Dali’s works come to be?

Soumya’s collection has been one after the other. We started with sculpture and from there it was moved to objects, drawing, gouache. We now have the opportunity to enjoy sensibilities from Latin America that were born from the past to our present. It becomes really tempting for a Mexican or a Mexican to be able to establish this relationship with Salvador Dali without leaving the country.

What tasks do you currently have or need to achieve?

“We have the largest collection of female artists, with 88 creators in our collection, such as Elizabeth Castilani, Eva Gonzalez, Marie Casse, avant-garde Lorenzana, Tamara de Lempica; a very wide range. The most important thing about the project is that That dialogue has to involve a different and distant latitude, a dialogue with the artists, and presentations of what happens in Mexico.

How did the transfer of this Dali collection take place?

“We had very close work with the CIE team and the Museo Soumya team and the Carlos Slim Foundation, with security with the National Guard. There was constant relocation by land from CDMX to Los Mochis, figuring out where and what the satellite trail was. Time has passed.All of these strategies lead to a vote of confidence with the city as well as the state of Sinaloa.

Who makes up the Museo Soumya Fundación Slim Team? We have a conservation laboratory. They are professionals who come from various disciplines and are responsible for furthering the cultural heritage. His training is based on restoration, he has become a professional in his museum. In 3 places we are 98 diverse people, women with 80 percent responsibility, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary, from philosophy, administration, communication, history, design which allows us to establish a very different response with cultural heritage. We have people with disabilities, two with autism, who are working directly from the foundation into the processes; It is a question of commitment, of a change in structure, with non-binary people within sexuality.

What is the crown jewel they have?

“Probably the August Rodin collection. There is also very fine Mexican art like that of the master David Alfaro Siqueiros. One of the great works will be the Puerta del Infierno, a project that marked the course of art history to become a legend where beauty is not in beauty.” Rather lies in feeling them.Others like the evocation of Teacher Toledo or Juan Soriano.

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alfonso miranda
Director D Museo Soumya
*Full name: Alfonso Miranda Marquez
*Birthplace: Mexico City, 1978
*Career: Mexican historian and since 2003 he is the general director of the Soumya Museum, he is also the president of the Mexican Art Critics Association and a member of the advisory councils of the Carso Center for the Study of the History of Mexico. Carlos Slim Foundation. He is the co-editor of La Domadora magazine.

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“Dali comes to Los Mochis because of his belief in what the CIE has done”

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