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Daddy Brieva reveals what it was like to record a scene of sexual abuse with Thelma Ferdin – People Online

daddy breeva She has had a long acting career, playing all kinds of roles: both in comedy and drama, both…

By admin , in news , at May 15, 2022

daddy breeva She has had a long acting career, playing all kinds of roles: both in comedy and drama, both on TV and in theatre. But recently, there was a scene within one of her new acting projects that challenged her like never before: she had to do a scene of sexual abuse.

There it is in the program, breeva details about this difficult moment of production, which he shared thelma fardeen, This happens within the series black and white revealedWhich will soon be released on the screen of public television. in the history, daddy Played the role of a teacher who rapes a student.

“This chapter in particular was very difficult. It’s directed by Fede Palazzo and there are 70 actors in several chapters that deal with diversity and issues like that. In this specific chapter I’m going to abuse Thelma and I start sweating just by remembering,Started counting the actor again.

,It was very strong. Thelma lent herself and we all lent ourselves, but it was very difficult.”confessed breeva And clarified that he had an excellent partner, with whom he was able to work without any problems. ,I didn’t think it would affect me that much. I can’t even imagine that Thelma . what would be the effect on, Those were very tough moments, very strong, which the director handled very well.”he pointed out that he was worried Fardinbecause he condemned the actor Juan Darthes For a similar situation.

There was a conversation between the two actors before recording this scene. daddy He admitted that there was a lot of doubt about whether or not to participate in that moment. but he was Dani La Chepique who reassured him: “He told me Men never show up when this sort of thing happens,The actor confessed.

After the scene is over, daddy Explained that it didn’t end very well. ,I missed the scene. But then there was a hug, a kiss. Before doing this, we talked a lot about what was going to happen. He thinks he can report after ten years”, he said and added: “I don’t know much about this topic and I don’t want to get into a mess, but there’s like a legal structure where mine gets exposed again. And then you have to tell everything, the network where everyone has one.” Rai and you say ‘his mother’s…’ and again to test in Brazil”. . more information on



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