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Culiacán’s youth tears judges down the aisle

America.- Raul Beltran a young man from Culiacán Sinaloa made Juan Carlos Razo, better known as “Don Chateau”, Creo Kalichi…

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America.- Raul Beltran a young man from Culiacán Sinaloa made Juan Carlos Razo, better known as “Don Chateau”, Creo Kalichi sang a chorus that recounts the radio and television host’s expatriate history. It happened during the quarterfinals of the musical reality show “Tango Talento Mucho Talento”.

The corridor composed by Raul recounts part of the events that “Don Chateau” had to go through in order to reach the United States, as he had to leave his farm and cross the border to find his parents with great difficulty. Was.

“There’s a story behind the character, there are many things that don’t show up on TV and that people don’t know yet.”

“Under that mustache there is another life and although the hair was not white, he had to get used to wearing a hat and to look good he was a farm man”

“With great pride he says that he is from Michoacán, although from a very humble farm, knows that he was not very good at farms, nor for school, but that his mother wanted him to seek life and continued his studies, while he went and looked for her in Gabacho, and with his grandmother he was in charge”.

“But it’s that sometimes what was planned never came to fruition when he was 15, he had to leave the farm, they threw him down the hill, then they put him in a trunk. And when he did light again, he waited for her to come, but unfortunately it was migra and they shut it down,” the young man sang in the corridor.

After finishing the first part of the corridor, Don Chateau was somewhat surprised and left because, although he did not know the corridor was for him, the songs sounded familiar to him.

At the request of the other judges because the young man of Kuliacan will sing the rest of the run. Raul agreed and continued the song.

In this second part, the young man recounts what were now Driver’s first moments in the United States, and how he became involved in the world of entertainment.

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Because of the feeling that Ral raided Corrido, the other judges, Carolina Ross, Ana Barbara, Luis Alfonso Partida “El Yaqui”, and Pepe Garza, shed tears. Well, they recognized the talent of the young man who is able to portray Don Chateau with great emotion the hardships he goes through in a corridor.

Culiacán’s youth tears judges down the aisle

2022-05-11 11:05:59