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Cuitláhuac Gonzalez instead of Cuen

Yesterday afternoon, what was widely announced was confirmed: Governor Rubén Rocha Moya dismissed Hector Melecio Cuen Ojeda from the Ministry…

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Yesterday afternoon, what was widely announced was confirmed: Governor Rubén Rocha Moya dismissed Hector Melecio Cuen Ojeda from the Ministry of Health because criminal complaints against journalists and communicators were not withdrawn, as That the state president had requested in a circular addressed to his entire cabinet.

At the end of the 48-hour period, he declared in an official document that Melecio Cuen had not submitted to withdraw or prove the legal conclusion of the proceedings in the following cases: File 43/2016 of the First District Court of the State of Sinaloa Before the Fourth Court of the Civil Branch of the Judicial District of Culiacán against C. Luis Enrique Ramírez and 797/2008 against C. María Teresa Guerra Ochoa.

So Governor Rubén Rocha Moya showed that his hand does not tremble when making decisions. Certainly, the dismissal of Melecio Cuen de Salud sends a message to the entire cabinet and, incidentally, to the mayors and deputies. We pointed it at this spot, there was a hit on the table.

In the afternoon, Governor Rubén Rocha appointed and opposed Cuitlahuac González Galindo as Sinaloa’s new Secretary of Health, a very wise decision, as the young doctor has a great career, backed by a clean career and in charge. All profiles are for .

Melcio Cuen’s response will come today, of course it will only confirm that the coalition was broken, although he had already sent messages, as the PAS bench was voting everything against Morena and the governor. Very attentive because Ruben Rocha has a strong hand and he has already shown it.

sinaloa, The opinion for the revocation of the mandate for executive power was approved unanimously in the commissions, an initiative sent to the state Congress by Governor Rubén Rocha Moya. So today they will give you the first reading.
We know Zukopo has a meeting this morning, where they can agree to leave the second reading up for discussion and vote. Thus, to process the initiative of Governor Ruben Rocha, which will be approved without any major setbacks.
For now, members of the Committee on Constitutional Points and Governance have already approved opinions for reform of the political constitution of the state of Sinaloa, which represents an advance in the guarantee of participatory democracy.
Among important details, it will be the electoral institution of the state of Sinaloa that calls for the cancellation of the governor’s mandate at the request of citizens, which must be at least 10 percent of the nominal list and eleven municipalities.
Similarly, the revocation of the mandate for the State Executive can be requested on only one occasion and during the three months at the end of the third year of the constitutional term.
The details also state that it shall be by free, direct and secret vote of citizens registered in the State Nominal Register on the Sunday after 90 days after the call. In addition, it should not coincide with federal or local elections.
The last point is important, because a mandate cannot be revoked at the same time as an election, thus preventing candidates and the governor from campaigning at the same time.
Another point to highlight is that for the mandate revocation process to be valid and binding, it must have a minimum participation of 40 per cent in the state electoral rolls.

political memory, “Whenever fear or hope enters them, our calculations are wrong”: Moliere.

Cuitláhuac Gonzalez instead of Cuen

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