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Crypto sects capture like this: “They invite you to events with great cars, the same happens with drugs”

«They caught him on the street when he was coming home from school, they invited him to an event and…

By admin , in news , at June 5, 2022

«They caught him on the street when he was coming home from school, they invited him to an event and when he came from that program he was already another». Lucia doesn’t know where her 16 year old son is. Where does he sleep, or if he eats well or poorly. he is one of the victims IM Academy,cryptosecta‘ Alleged to be an alleged pyramid scheme. Your website is still fully operational. On entering it you are faced with a sentence. How would you feel if you had more control over your life? other. “Have you ever felt like you were made for more?” They promise to help you revolutionize your life, to earn money. It is a palace façade that hides the collective deception, which has robbed the savings and families.

how many countcryptosectus‘ There in Spain is practically impossible. “It’s very difficult to find them, surely there are hundreds», says Professor Dan Gomez of the Nucleo Digital School. To try to peek into the darkest face of cryptocurrencies, you have to delve into the wilderness of social networks.

If they offer you rewards for investing your money, you are dealing with a scam.Dan Gomez, Professor at the Nucleo Digital School

On Instagram, a boy in his early 20s looks at the camera with his arms crossed. There is a Lamborghini ahead of it and a platform behind it. The car is not yours. Next to him are two others, which form a triangle. “One day I’ll have one of these,” thinks the boy, smiling at the camera as if someone knows where he should be. “When you go to one of those conferences, you get infected. There You meet attractive people with expensive clothes and luxury cars, It happens a little bit with drugs,” says Eurocoinpay CEO Herminio Fernandez. “Ferrari does not earn with cryptocurrencies. This is the image of keeping these youths hooked. They want to scare you,” she continues.

This is where the alarms go off. Picture. luxury. Promises. A wonderful world of which you have been invited to be a part. But admission is not free. They ask you for an amount to invest, “in return they offer you an extremely high reward of between 15-25%. If someone offers you this, it’s outright a scam,” says Dan Gomez it is said.

A few weeks ago the police did another ‘cryptosecta, ,kuailian It lasted a long time”, says Gomez, who was from Barcelona. He had big conventions. He didn’t lack cars. And in his social networks,’gangster‘ Posed smiling in the trendy restaurant. He was stopped by UDEF a few days back. He is accused of fraud worth more than $500 million.

“They sell you their product. A bot that uses an algorithm to predict market moves,” he says. Most of these platforms have their own currency, an asset that they artificially inflate. Your goal is to prove on paper that your property is profitable. “They give you an account number and you make a deposit. They teach you how the currency goes up. When you have 3,000 or 5,000 euros, the currency loses all its value and nothing is returned to you. It is,” says cryptocurrency expert Fernandez.

There are people who ask for credit to cover the scammed amount and don’t count it at home.Eurocoinpay CEO Herminio Fernandez

The youth are the target of this scam. “They are the closest people to this world, This is the sector that has the highest unemployment and people who usually have more free time”, says Professor Dan Gomez. But he’cryptosectus‘ They also hunt big people. The process is different. They introduce you to a community. They introduce you to the people they meet to play paddle tennis or travel. They establish a bond of trust. They then invest large amounts in the purchase of the alleged bitcoins.

Fernandez tells a case. He is the father of a family who invested all his savings to get six bitcoins. When the time came, he wanted to withdraw the money. Initially they asked for 15,000 euro taxes related to the country in which the investment was placed. In just a few days, six bitcoins (about 180,000 euros) were blown up. “There are people who have not said anything about this or to their families. Those who ask for credit to hide the scam sitting at home. The only thing they want is to recover the investment they have made,” he says.

Herminio Fernandez has been a direct witness to many scams. He has been dedicated to crypto asset management over the years. Part of it is devoted to alerting scams through social networks. “When I see a tweet or Facebook post promising unrealistic returns, I report it,” he says. add, “I have been threatened with death to do.”

Crypto sects capture like this: “They invite you to events with great cars, the same happens with drugs”

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