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Cruz Azul, Hidalgo Plant Employees Will Protect Their Employment

That was everything and is not now. Anxiety and anguish is in the air, everything is chaos here and people…

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That was everything and is not now. Anxiety and anguish is in the air, everything is chaos here and people fear for their lives too, people no longer move out of the house, except for basic tasks, families are broken and siblings and childhood friends are enemies. Have become.

In every statement I’ve heard, people always mention God, asking for peace to return and they do it with good reason, just 13 days before, at midnight, an armed group of over 500 strangers The group had come to disturb the little peace that remained. At the point of a bullet they wanted to seize an inheritance that has cost partners and workers years.

i talk about Blue Cross Cooperative City O Jasso, as the locals call it, is a region located Tula de Allende, in the municipality of Hidalgoa few kilometers from Mexico City and where the Cruz Azul cement plant operates, which is in legal dispute,

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conflict between two opposing sides fight the lead The above company has left people without financial resources, without calm, intimidation and mourning.

Yes, in mourning, for whom the last this struggle took his life He was Seven Unknown People and Misael Cruz MoralesA youth of the locality, who was working for hours, lost his life on April 27 when he was shot.

those who Hidalgo struggles to keep Cruz Azul plant activeNeither they sleep, nor they nor their families; 10 consecutive fireworks is the sign that announces the arrival of the opposing group led by Antonio Marín and Victor Velázquez, no matter what the time, day or season, people rush to the call.

Older adults, young people, and women hold their chests as shields to protect what is left, a job, an intermittent salary and everything that feeds them.

Gone are the glory days of this city which lived in complete peace, harmony, respect and brotherhood. Cooperatives went and false Facebook profiles came, which, according to residents, are like bets, because with their posts they upset people’s heads even more and so they mock the groups in controversy, point out and here Even threaten.

This fight doesn’t seem to endvalidity is not quick, according to the same workers say, who draw the attention of the federal government and assure that they will defend the company with their lives if necessary. it is today blue CrossThe largest cooperative in Latin America.

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At the debate, we interviewed Copartiva La Cruz Azul, members and employees of the Hidalgo plant exclusively, while we toured the above company’s facilities to see if the attacks allegedly led by the group caused electrical damages. How is it operating after spending 10 days without it? by Marin and Velazquez. The investigation continues.

Cruz Azul, the workers of the Hidalgo plant will protect their source of employment with their lives