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‘Crimes’ and ‘La Casa de Papel’ win Zapping Awards

Barcelona. “Crimes” (TV3), “La Casa de Papel” (Netflix) or actress Maribel Vardo for her role in “Ana Trammel”. Some of…

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Barcelona. “Crimes” (TV3), “La Casa de Papel” (Netflix) or actress Maribel Vardo for her role in “Ana Trammel”. Some of the winners of the 27th edition of ‘El Juego’ (RTVE Play) Zapping Awards are, Which was held this Thursday at Caxaforum Barcelona.

‘Crims’ won the Best Program award against Pasapalabra (Antenna 3) and MasterChef T9 (La 1); And its presenter, journalist Carles Porta, was called ‘Now I Fall!’ Awarded as Best Presenter in front of Arturo Valls. (Antenna 3) and Silvia Laplana, from ‘El Tiempo’ (La 1).

The fifth season of ‘La Casa de Papel’ (Netlix) has been hailed as the best series of novels by La Fortuna (Movistar+) and ‘Ana Trammel’. El Juego’ (RTVE Play), however both won the Best Actor and Best Actress categories with Carra Alejalde and Maribel Verdo, respectively.

The zapping award for Best Cultural, Informative or Documentary Program went to ‘Arbita Laica’ (La 2) against ‘El Foster’ (TV3) and ‘Lo d’Evol’ (La Sexta), while the winner of Best Video Game went to himself. The production has bagged ‘Aragami 2’ (Lince Works).

De Soul a Soul (Canal Terrace de l’Ebre and Canal 21 Ebre) won the award for Best Local Television Programme, While the award for the best initiative on the network went to the YouTube channel ‘Addictos a la Philosofia’, By Enrique Fernandez Gel.

With respect to nominal awards, RTVE has been awarded a special award in recognition of its continued and valuable dedication to the dissemination of such a valuable asset as music, thanks to ‘The Concerts of LA 2’, where quality, Commitment to elegance, diversity and culture.

The Program Analysis Group award was given to Antenna 3 for promoting quality entertainment, including ‘The Challenge’, ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ Thanks to programs like this, it reaches the entire audience. and ‘Lego Masters’.

The Atresmedia Group has also received the award for Social Sensitivity for its ‘Raise Your Head’ campaign, which advocates healthy, equitable and responsible use of technology.

As for the Values ​​Award, it went to the Televizio di Catalunya for the ‘Effect Wave’, a space that brings families and the educational community closer to scientific content, where, moreover, affordable challenges are put into practice. is proposed. ,

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The Best Positive Online Content Award for Minors, presented by the Learning to Look Foundation, awarded to Derivando, an informative video channel for all viewers that promotes the acquisition of mathematical skills with quality and simplicity.

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‘Crimes’ and ‘La Casa de Papel’ win Zapping Awards

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