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Couples of Salma Hayek who knew little about the relationship

Salma Hayek 55 years old, she is not only one of the richest women in the world, but also one…

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Salma Hayek 55 years old, she is not only one of the richest women in the world, but also one of the most beautiful women in international entertainment and although she has already married to create a big family, in the past she had a lot of love , most of them were related in the world of entertainment so we will tell you who they were.

Salma Hayek was romantically related to Luis Miguel in 1997 while they were holding hands at the Oscar Awards, and although they have always told the press that they are very good friends, as support in their careers was always mutual, which is reassuring. Let’s say that at that time there was more than that.

Another Mexican who is said to have just had a good friendship with Salma Hayek was Joan Sebastian, who was impressed by Jarocha’s beautiful features, although no relationship was such, the singer added the song to her aso y. Dedicated to Mass In addition to the media noise for the said song, the missing artist wanted to build a restaurant in the past, so he wanted the place’s godmother to be a Hollywood actress.

Edward was one of the leading men on Norton’s list Mexican actress who dated him from 1999 to 2003, and although the relationship was going great, they eventually decided to go separate ways, this was one of the couples with whom Salma was already publicly without concern. were seen.

One of the most romanticized romances for the Marvel star was when she met Edward Aterton, a relationship that took place when she recorded Hunchback of Notredam, although the courtship kept her out of the public eye, it is believed. It was one of the most painful.

Currently, she is married to the millionaire businessman François-Henri Pinault, with whom she had a daughter and is today one of the most solid marriages in international show business, she has also kept her personal life away from the press, as she Only he knows about the said life when one of the two speaks of his own accord.

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