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Controversy over sect living with dead bodies in Thailand

Bangkok. – The magician and leader of a sect who lived with corpses and Gave his bodily fluids including urine…

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Bangkok. – The magician and leader of a sect who lived with corpses and Gave his bodily fluids including urine and feces to his followersControversy has erupted in Thailand after he was arrested for “treating” ailments.

stillwas not arrested for these eschatological practicesBut, according to judicial sources, Efe was prompted to keep his house in a forest area and violate the rules of the Kovid-19 epidemic.

The magician known as Thavi Nanala, He was arrested last Sunday and released the next day. After paying a bail of 50,000 baht (about $1,446 or 1,369 euros) in Chaiyaphum, a province in the north-east.

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The information of the sect was given to the police Another shaman with many followers on the network known as “Mor Pla” is by Jirafan Petkhao and which is dedicated to condemning evil practices by deceitful seers and monks who do not follow Buddhist precepts.

The daughter of a follower of Thavi came to Jiraphan because she was worried about him. weird new ideas from your mom And about the unhygienic conditions in the sect.

According to the video shared by Jirafan, the police found a dozen followers in the magician’s house, apparently they drank its body fluids from a holeand also eleven coffins with corpses,

One of the followers of the sect explained that There were dead disciples who first donated their bodies before dying So that the magician will help them ascend to heaven.

bare-chested like a monk with white hair and a beardThavi, in his 70s, is seen in the video hinting at a chaotic hut surrounded by his disciples, who believe he is a god and of a higher standard than the Buddha.

The vast majority of Thais are Buddhist, but many They mainly believe in other deities of Hindu originand in spirits.

The neighbors of the sect have asked the authorities to evict them from there.

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