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Controversy in the cabinet due to Kuen’s dismissal?

Governor Rubén Rocha did not shake his hand, after he was given 48 hours to order the immediate sacking of…

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Governor Rubén Rocha did not shake his hand, after he was given 48 hours to order the immediate sacking of Hector Melecio Cuen, now former health secretary and moral leader of the PAS, for not withdrawing lawsuits filed against journalists. Now it has to be seen that if there is no split in the state cabinet, then what will be its effect.

At the weekly conference on Monday, the governor made a commitment to journalists and gave an ultimatum that many believe will not be fulfilled because of the political force that brings together the extremism of the PAS. Before a series of disagreements took place between the two officers, Rocha reminded him that he was subordinate to them and ordered him to stop acting as party leader or retain control of the UAS.

In these confrontations, Morena, or rather the government apparatus, took away three mayors and three representatives from the PAS, but in return, Cuen had spent various indisciplines, such as negotiating directly in Mexico City, of the governor. Behind the back, with Murray’s national leader, Mario Delgado, and apparently also with presidential candidate Marcelo Ebrard.

He also lined up in defense of the mayor of Culiacán, Jess Estrada Ferreiro, who was impeached in Congress.

Cuen has lawsuits against the recently killed journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez, and against commentator and current women’s secretary, María Teresa Guerra, and this was enough for her to leave the cabinet. He acted ignorant.

We’ll have to wait, to see if the alliance of Morena and PAS, which brought Reuben Rocha to the regime, breaks down. The PAS has a formidable politico-electoral structure, but its Achilles heel is that all of its power is under the control of the U.S., and instead, it is Morena who reaps the vote in elections. Just 12 days ago in Badiraguato, Cuen and the governor hugged each other as good childhood friends and are now breaking up.

Potpourri. Facing a judicial attack when he is confronted by the governor of Campeche, Leda Sansoures, who could land him in prison accused of corruption, diversion of resources and money laundering, the national leader of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno, becomes radicalized and To become a guerrilla in principle and in a press conference, the fourth government of change went out yesterday to give everything.

He alleged that the AMLO government has destroyed the health system, that Insabi is worse than Seguro Popular, that women are murdered, journalists are murdered and that we suffer the worst inflation in history. “They are a tragedy and a disgrace.”

Zamora. Senator Mario Zamora of Mochitense took the stage yesterday and proposed the creation of a bicameral commission to investigate the killings of journalists. Request the presence of the Secretary of the Interior, Aden Augusto Lopez.

Controversy in the cabinet due to Kuen’s dismissal?

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