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contempt for mexican doctors

There are hidden opportunities for employment and expertise in the public health sector. With more than 50,000 Mexican medical professionals…

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There are hidden opportunities for employment and expertise in the public health sector.

With more than 50,000 Mexican medical professionals who despise, deceive or abuse public health institutions, it is quite understandable that associations, associations and national colleges in the region have expressed outrage over the announcement. that 500 Cuban doctors will be hired.

In his letter to the President, he says that there are “doctors of capacity supported by the universities of the Republic, trained in full knowledge of the needs and specialties of our population, some of them unemployed or ultimately employed for very low wages.” or in areas of extreme insecurity.

They argue that male and female doctors have been unfairly removed by public health institutions, “privileging foreign doctors and ignoring the academic potential of our universities.”

Bringing them from abroad is a crime, “since these foreign doctors do not meet the required skills, do not have duly specified functions, do not have the requirements established by current laws and lack the support of professional associations …”.

Together with Joaquin López-Dóriga (tomorrow on Radio Formula), the eminent doctor Fernando Gabilondo Navarro – who directed the prestigious National Institute of Nutrition from 2002 to 2012 – synthesized:
“It’s an insult to Mexican doctors.”

And he warned about the filth in hiring Cubans because it included “smuggling” and “slavery” practices.
In 2020, with a pandemic emergency, 600 arrived from Cuba, costing about 250 million pesos, but requested information from IMSS, the Federal Ministry of Health, the National Institute of Migration, the National Medical and Health Arbitration Commission. The capital required salary, copies of professional titles, recognition of their profession in Mexico, compatibility criteria and the medical units to which they were sent, these institutions termed the “incompetence” or “non-existence” of the data.

Suspicion spread when it emerged that the CdMx was paid by the government to the Cuban Ministry of Health, while the sent doctors received only 10 percent of what they should have received.

For the Castro regime, health is a millionaire business in exporting high-quality services and healthcare workers to foreigners, while the majority of the population is poorly cared for: in last year’s July 11 protests, hospital collapses and drug shortages. Demonstration of reduction, which, contrary to practice, even recognized tyranny, revealed the deceitfulness of Cuba’s proletarian internationalism.

There are enough general practitioners in Mexico. But there is a shortage of experts as the public sector does not open its doors to train the experts which are most needed.

And the Cuban people don’t even know what diseases really dominate…

contempt for mexican doctors

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