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Condemns the “false deluge of investments” of the Madrid government, with “sometimes invented” figures

The community’s government this Wednesday denounced the “false flood of investments” of the central executive in Madrid, which they consider…

By admin , in news , at June 1, 2022

The community’s government this Wednesday denounced the “false flood of investments” of the central executive in Madrid, which they consider to be a “presence” and an “occasionally invented figure”.

It has been condemned by the Minister of Economy, Employment and Finance, Javier Fernández-Lasqueti, at a press conference following the Governing Council, after the government’s delegation ensured that Madrid had received the “largest funding in history”. area, and that In the four years of Pedro Sánchez’s government, the sector has received 42.6% more resources than “in the last four years of Mariano Rajoy”.,

«According to the representative of the government (Mercedes González), little less than a flood of investment has fallen on the community of Madrid This is wrongAbsolutely lie. There is no flood, there is drought. This is the unfortunate reality of things,” said the regional councilor of the Royal Post Office.

Firstly, it is broken that the data published by the Ministry of Finance on the execution of the budget in the year 2021. «It should be noted that Where is the political will of the government visible It’s not in execution but in initial budgetwhat he wants to be. It was very clear in that. The government wanted to spend 2,068 million on investments in Catalonia and 1,133 million in Madrid. That’s where his priorities were.”

As he explained, what happened is that The investment in Catalonia could not be executed There are “technical problems and constraints facing the projects” which mainly occur in the railway infrastructure in Aadif. The counselor has indicated that they wanted to allocate 1,199 million and executed only 191.

Regarding “the presence of greater executions in Madrid”, he said that There are ministries, such as justice and economy, in which “amazing over-performance is manifested”. When they are areas in which “no construction is carried out”.

«Today in some media the government wants to give an explanation so that their friends, their fellow travelers of the independence movement, Catalans understand this and say that it is not that there is more investment in Madrid, but they are working in ministries, procurement Rescue of AVE wagons and toll roads. He is not investing in Madrid, he is spending money and writing it down somewhere, ”criticized the head of the Treasury.

Censorship of delegation data

On the other hand, it has censored data presented by the government representative in Madrid, who was “equipped with power points”. In his opinion, “it is a shame that he spends his time attacking Madrid and he does with it as well”. figures that are completely distorted or sometimes invented,

« The investment of Pedro Sanchez’s government goes down compared to the government before him, which was PP. Since Pedro Sanchez Reigns, He Hasn’t Stopped Diverting Investments And the best evidence is that in 2018 the investment per resident in the Community of Madrid was 191.7 euros compared to 170.7 euros in this budget, so 21 euros less per resident, 11% less”.

He then criticized what he said was funding the community to meet the cost of the coronavirus. Thus, he has commented that “Covid spending is not an investment, but money that was given equally to all communities.” In addition, Lasquetty has emphasized that the funds given were “insufficient to cover the expenses”. “It is neither an investment nor is it sufficient,” he said.

Similarly, he has criticized the fact that the transfer from the financing system is listed as an investment in Madrid, which automatically means “year after year, the government that governs”. The counselor has said it would be as if “payroll payments to public employees were announced as a social measure.”

It has also taken into account that it matters As an investment that «finally pays off» after five years «liquidation of VAT» The month of December 2017 which was unfairly stayed and against the claims of several communities they lost in the Supreme Court ».

European Fund

With regard to European funds, which are also included in the figures presented by the delegation, Lasquatti said «Madrid is the region that receives the lowest funding per resident», 174 euros. In his opinion, autonomy is not merely that “not well behaved, but that it is mistreated.”

In addition, the councilor has highlighted that the state’s contribution to the regional transport consortium has been stalled for 6 years (2016) and represents barely 8.3% of the total cost of public transport. He has also mentioned the data related to housing, especially youth bonusAs the Spanish government defends in its document the allocation of 70 million, which is the sum of 2022 and 2023, “and has received only 15 million so far.”

Cercanias. almost bloody lack of investment in

Finally, he criticized the “almost bloody absence of investment in Circanias”. Thus, it has condemned that the monitoring commission evaluating the 2018-2025 commuter state plan has not been called since 2019. The community of Madrid has repeatedly demanded the immediate convocation of this body.

“The reality here is that any expansion, without taking into account improvements in access, both in stations and wagons and rolling stock, is still crippling any build-up of new investment,” he said.

Lasquetty has declared that what the representatives of the government in Madrid declare is “false”, because it is the Community of Madrid that invests in this area, and as an example he cited the construction of the Isabel Zendal Nursing Hospital. It is an extension of the L3 metro. or construction of educational centers. ,The only thing we get from Pedro Sanchez’s government is abuse», it’s settled.

Condemns the “false deluge of investments” of the Madrid government, with “sometimes invented” figures

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