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Combi passengers caught by thieves who attacked them with knives

in a new Attack on public transport in the state of MexicoThis time in the municipality of Talnepantla de Baz,…

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in a new Attack on public transport in the state of MexicoThis time in the municipality of Talnepantla de Baz, the end was now completely different as Combi’s travelers felt that the attackers did not bring weapons with them, but that the “ordinary knife” gave them the courage to come together to capture them.

In a video circulated on social networks, it can be seen how two young men with caps, one sitting next to the sliding door and the other in the back seat of the unit with other passengers, signal to each other at around 1:00 am. We do. p.m.: 25 hours past Wednesday, May 4 to begin the robbery of the people on board Route 27 Combination which operated on a section of northern peripheral,

After confirming several times that they would already start the robbery by the person sitting at the door, who had previously transparently seen the way to the driver’s cabin, his partner sits next to him and begins to exchange gestures

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Moments later, they both take some weapons out of her bag and shout: “They screwed their mom.” They move among the passengers and ask for their belongings; Perhaps the speed with which they maneuvered and the fear of being shot with a pistol, as robbers routinely threaten public transport, didn’t allow passengers to fully realize they were knives.

After taking out all their belongings, such as a cell phone and money, two youths carrying knives threatened the passengers and the driver of the public transport unit for one last time. When disembarking, one of the passengers whose phone was taken, shouts: “They have nothing, no knives, hold them!”

Immediately, he and another passenger immediately got out of the van to follow them and sought help from the people outside. They were followed by other passengers including some women and the drivers who stopped the unit came out of the cabin and went to the two attackers.

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“It’s always the same,” said one of the women, bent over to see the harassment; Several horns are heard in the background as if they are communicating with each other by the rest of the drivers in the area and finally a patrol car siren is heard and another woman ends the scene: Catch them, hold them. The thieves were arrested and brought before the authorities.

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