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Colombian Nabalez’s first album in the ranchero style

Many Foreign artists have been seduced and conquered by regional Mexican music, We can mention several interpreters, although they were…

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Many Foreign artists have been seduced and conquered by regional Mexican music, We can mention several interpreters, although they were not born in the Aztec lands, but are Mexicans as Nopales. Such is the case with Spanish singer and composer Natalia Jiménez, former member of La Quinta Estación, or Colombian singer-songwriter Felipe González Abadubetter known artistically nabalewho started New stage in his musical career From the hand of Fonovisa Records.

Since few months, he has been releasing several singles which are part of his first album in ranchero styleamong these, “I told you” A Duet with Mexican singer and songwriter Majo AguilariGranddaughter of Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestres, great legends of this musical genre and of the golden age of Mexican cinema.

Today’s regional mexican One of his best moments, Nabalez expressed in a very pleasant conversation with Debate. “I’m not saying, statistics say, this is one of the best moments in its history.”

So much so, that many exponents of the urban style have begun to color in the Mexican regional. For example, like Maluma, or other singers from other genres like Camilo and their collaborations with Los dos Carnales and Christian Nodal, “everyone now wants to sound regional.”

Among the many innovations, 28-year-old singer-songwriter from Bogota, ColombiaShared with us a collaboration he made with Majo Aguilar, one of Ranchera music’s most prodigious voices.

is about “I told you”, a letter that one writes from his heart, “We wanted to write a different song that was neither the person who left you, nor the toxic, we wanted to write a song that went to a different recipient, a song where someone was singing in his heart: ‘ I told you sweetheart, I told you not to fall in love with him and you didn’t listen to me, you played deaf, it’s just that you are stupid, stubborn, someone thinks with his head, but the heart does the same whatever he wants”.

Nabalez, a Colombian, and Majo Aguilar, a Mexican, together in a very good song. Photo: Courtesy Fonovisa

On how he worked with fellow singer Pepe Aguilar’s niece, Nabalez told us he was preparing his first Ranchero album at Carlos Cabral Jr.’s studio in the city of Monterrey, in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico. Majo and he were already in communication through messages on Instagram.

First, Colombian made a cover of “I Won’t Cry” by Majo Aguilari., has a huge acceptance among his fans. While I was producing the album, Happened in the so-called “Sultana del Norte”,

Being in the same city, they met at the recording studio of Carlos Cabral Jr. Nabalez introduced him to the song “Te Lodi”; When asking for her opinion, the young interpreter was fascinated, so he invited her to record together., same day majo aguilari And he met in person.

To me it is a cause of gratitude, joy, the blessing of working with people who have so much credibility in regional Mexican music.

For them as a Colombian, It is very important that Mexican artists like Majo Aguilar have earned it.Like other countrymen, as an artist of his own race“With their own blood, and without neglecting my Colombian people, my roots, my home, my family, Mexico has been an excellent place.”

It is worth mentioning that Edith Marquez is one of the Mexican artists with whom she has collaborated. He also participated in the songs of Alex Fernández, the late Vicente Fernández’s grandson, “El Charro de Huntitan” and the most recent single by Alejandro Fernández’s son, “El Potrillo”. “All those actors who shake your hand also validate you in their family.”

Felipe Gonzalez Abad likes to say that his songs are one of the strengths of music. He prefers to write letters just like most people speak on WhatsApp, without much detour.

a singer-songwriter whose writing style is much admired by him, Singer-songwriter from Sinaloa Aiden MunozuFormer singer and leader of the Caliber 50, “he writes as much as he speaks today, he has not invented much poetry, he has many poetic lines, but many times it is without disregarding the fact that music should be .. is consistent as we speak, so that it can be dedicated, so that in a peda you can dedicate it, so that you can have more connection with the song”.

Nabalez, his passion for Mexican music and his childhood surrounded by his grandfather’s horses

For his first album in the ranchero style, Nabalez will have more collaborations with artists from Sinaloa, Mexico, Recently he New single “2 or 3 Bottles”in couple With singer and composer Chayin RubioOriginally from Guasave, Sinaloa, whom we have called in past interviews as “the spoiled godson of the Mexican regional”.

This song is for all those confused hearts who fell in love one day and who, victims of a night of heartbreak, need help or an excuse to turn the page in order to forget that person.

“Very good collaborations are coming, you can look forward to the album with more collaborations, own songs with musicians from Sinaloa, Hermosillo, Sonora, I really want to be part of the whole Mexican family and its music.”

nabale Started his music career in 2018, With the release of the single titled “La Correcta” with the Colombian group Morata.Gaining recognition in countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Spain. In the same year, he began to develop his career as a composer and producer, collaborating with great exponents of Latin music such as: Reik, Sebastian Journey, Grecian, Tiny and Edith Márquez.

As a talented musician and producer based in the urban and pop world, Inspired by those memories of his childhood in the countryside, decided to venture into ranchero style, Listening to the tunes of Ranchera music with your grandfather’s horses, He has managed to become one of the new promises of Mexican regional, combining Mexican music with Colombian style in a unique way.

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Since the release of “La Correcta” to this day, her artistic career has changed a lot, but for the better.

“That’s changing because we’ve started to win a lot of pop audiences, but now that they’ve invited us to a completely different audience, we’re adding people to this family that I’m going to ‘bring them’ on social networks. Caballagata’ because when I was little I loved many of his horses, I call them ‘La Caballagata’ as if they were part of the same family and ‘La Caballagata’ is joined by many people, it’s so beautiful is”.

We have no doubt that thanks to his hard work in the music industry, Nabalez is as Mexican as members of the Aguilar dynasty or the Fernández dynasty.,

Nabalez, a promise of a Mexican regional. Photo: Courtesy Fonovisa