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CJNG destroys 5 pharmaceutical laboratories in Michoacana

Mexico City, Mexico.- After harassmentlast Tuesday, to soldiers by cells of Organized crime In the surrounding area New ItalyMichoacán, the…

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Mexico City, Mexico.- After harassmentlast Tuesday, to soldiers by cells of Organized crime In the surrounding area New ItalyMichoacán, the army regrouped its troops and entered the mountainous region of Tierra Caliente where Demolished five pharmaceutical laboratories and destroyed more than six hectares of marijuana,

The setback to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) – which controls and disputes that area with other local criminal organizations – is that this action causes it to stop some production. 450 kg of methamphetamines a dayWhich is equivalent to over 200 million pesos on the black market mainly in the United States.

According to the legend of events, from Saturday, May 7, a force of 35 elements of the 65th Infantry Battalion, in five vehicles, carried out a reconnaissance in the towns of Capuan del Río in the municipality. huacanaBelonging to the municipality, other than Francisco Villa and La Nolasca tumbisatio,

During that patrol they managed to locate a secret laboratory You four marijuana plantations On an area of ​​about seven thousand square meters.

On Tuesday, March 10, the same group of soldiers continued with reconnaissance in the area and on their way to their barracks in the 43rd Military Area, in Aptzingen, they found a blockade of people in the town of Potrillos – apparently unarmed. Korea, in Tumbisatio.

The army managed to continue on their way, but in Cuatro Camino, in the municipality of Magica, they carried out another blockade, also with dozens of vans allegedly unarmed. This is where the chase was recorded.

“There they also observed that it did not represent a threat to personnel, that there was no armed offensive, no reason to respond with force, and that the blockade has departed from there in the Cuatro Camino.“, said the Secretary of National Defense yesterday, Louis SandovalIn the morning conference.

,The attitude that both blockades had is that this social underpinning of organized crime, sometimes supporting and compelling others, because it recognized that they were protecting, they were to be us. were stopping from in this area. we recognized that there would be a possibility that something illegal, something big“, he warned.

With this, for Wednesday, the military brought together 352 soldiers, 106 members of the National Guard, 12 elements of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and 42 elements of the Michoacan Police, for a total of 512 elements to return to the blockade area. . Looking for what supposedly related to citizens cjng,

,We recognized that something was being hidden, that the population was looking for something, that the unarmed social base wanted us not to enter to fulfill our function. Therefore, this force conducts ground and air reconnaissance in Tumbicatio, Mugica and La Huacana, thus achieving positive results, with four laboratories located to produce drugs or methamphetamine, four more, and 15 marijuana plantations.“, glorified the general.

Citizens try to block military access Avoid the detection of the other four narco-labs.

Altogether the five insured laboratories operate from nine reactors. According to officials, each is capable of producing up to 50 kg of drugs in 24 hours.

,As far as the synthetic drug is concerned, those nine reactors a month could have produced or produced more than 13 million doses of methamphetamine that could reach Mexican society. In the marijuana sector destroyed, Norco’s impact was 13.6 million pesos.Sandoval estimates.

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,The actions of the personnel avoiding collision are concerned with the instructions of the President –Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador– With respect to the respect of human rights and the application of the national law on the use of force“, He added.

This isn’t the first time soldiers in Michoacan have been humiliated after being taken out

CJNG destroys 5 pharmaceutical laboratories in Michoacana

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