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Citizens do not trust state and municipal police in Sinaloa

Sinaloa. – Threats or threats, abuse, failure to provide protection are common practices public security corporation in sinaloa, According to…

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Sinaloa. – Threats or threats, abuse, failure to provide protection are common practices public security corporation in sinaloa, According to a debate survey on trust in the police.

The results are startling when it was found that in the universe of 150 people interviewed, six of them reported the victim’s forced disappearance; beating and torture 10%; Incommunicado 11% and 4 even said they were sexually abused by those who should seek crime prevention and civil protection.

The trust in the municipal and state agents is almost nil, Points to a survey of this medium conducted between May 2 and 5 through instant messaging networks and face-to-face interviews.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, he gave a 2.5 confidence rating to the municipal police and 2.9 to the state police. In contrast, corporations with a military model, such as the Army and Navy, had better acceptance of 6 and 6.5 points.

When participants were questioned whether they had censured agents for being the victims of some abuse, 87.7% answered negatively because they feared retaliation, or because they understood the corruption they believed to have. ​—that their complaint will not be successful, furthermore links police officers to organized crime.

Fear is the emotion that drives many citizens A Avoid formally complaining to law enforcement officialsBecause even after complaining, justice is not done.

An example of this is the case of a group member. Don’t mess with our daughtersHeidi Mars, who recounted this means of arbitrary arrest, along with a group of her colleagues who were preparing to stage a protest in Culiacan on September 10, 2020.

She said that five municipal patrols arrested her along with two accomplices, accusing them of painting City Hall, which she denied; She said that for an hour the patrol took them on different paths, including a dirt road, which happened at around 5 in the morning, which frightened them because they didn’t even tell them to take them on the railing. is going.

It also stated that the two activists condemned that the agents made inappropriate touching of a sexual nature.

“A co-worker was pushed and physically abused; There were racist comments made to a Jalisco colleague, that he saw her as a brunette and told her that she wasn’t even Mexican, that she looked too tight; They did not allow us to communicate with anyone, ”he explained.

For these facts, he lodged a complaint with the State Human Rights Commission. The matter is not resolved yet.

The government intends to improve the perception of its state police, as reflected in the State Development Plan 2022-2027, presented by Governor Rubén Rocha Moya on 27 April.

In his diagnosis he indicates that Currently, 60.3% of people over the age of 18 rely on the state preventive police. The 2027 goal is to improve that opinion to 68.3%. The battle is great and for some it is lost, as Caesar Rivera told in Culiacán.

“The one I have the least confidence in are the state and municipal ones… My respect for the National Guard, the soldiers as well; in fact, I would prefer to have a single corporation, be it the National Guard or the Army.”


Citizens pointed to acts of intimidation and intimidation, in particular with police officers in Salvador Alvarado and Culiacán as the main conflict. Secondly, in Salvador Alvarado and Ahom the inability or omission to provide effective security measures is evident. Misbehaving with people is another action.

It is the corporation with the lowest social trust, with a rating of 2.5 according to the survey; And 84% said it was not effective at all or not very effective.

The second least prestigious police group in Sinaloa turned out to be the State Police with a rating of 2.9. 48% said they are not effective.

It was established in 2019. In Sinaloa, the military body dedicated to the seizure of drugs, 27% said they were effective to some degree.

Sinalons see greater effectiveness in military bodies than civilians, with 54% considering the military to be somewhat and very effective.

It was the best rated corporation in the trust with a 6.5, while the majority responded that they were very effective in their work.


At times, corporations of all levels in Sinaloa have been in the news because of complaints about abuse of authority or the commission of possible crimes.

Nevolato municipal police officers were caught on video greeting a heavily armed man on the Alta boardwalk. The governor said that this is not recent.

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He denounced a municipal police officer in Guasave for exhibitionism, showing his private parts to a woman and her minor daughter. He ran away from the city.

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