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Citizen Movement expects list of candidates in 2024

Mexico. – Match civil movement (MC), considered by many to be the third political force in Mexico, announced who would…

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Mexico. – Match civil movement (MC), considered by many to be the third political force in Mexico, announced who would be its Possible candidates for the presidency of the republic in the 2024 federal elections.

For many, the race to renew ownership of the federal executive power of the Mexican Republic was initiated by the president himself. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador In one of his morning conferences since 2021, he revealed the names of political actors within Morena who could continue with the fourth transformation project from the presidency.

National Coordinator of the Citizens Movement, Senator, during the presentation of the “Green Pact” Dante Delgado RainauroCalls on citizens of Nuevo León and Monterrey state to give “time” to both governors Samuel Garcia Sepulveda as municipal president Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas To strengthen his administration.

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“In Nuevo León you have to work seriously with a new project to produce results, you have to give rise to safety and all issues and give them time. The work must be fast and give results in Nuevo León and good practices must be followed.” must fulfill firm commitments without definite action on the part of the government and government alone and nurture with citizenship and be open to reforms in government”, he said about the problems faced by the unit including murder of women, insecurity and lack of water. Emphasis on being asked about.

In this context, the Améstista leader remarked that both García Sepulveda and Colossio Riojas could be Movimiento Ciudadano’s standard-bearers in 2024, not leaving the governor of the state of Jalisco aside in the presidential race, Enrique Alfaro, In addition, he also mentioned the senators Patricia Mercado and Clemente CastanedaFormer national leader of the Orange Party.

In recent days, surveys were released revealing which political actors within parties enjoy the greatest support of extremists in the upcoming presidential elections.

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in morena, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard Casabon, and the head of the Mexico City government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, highlighted. Meanwhile, within wokHighlights from former presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya and Senator Lily Tellez. on the other hand, within FeatherThe names of Enrique de la Madrid and Senator Claudia Ruiz Masseu were different.