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Chumel Torres calls AMLO a dictator for supporting Cuba

Mexico.- The youtuber Chumel Torres assures AMLO wants a dictatorshipcriticism of the president for his Support for Cuba, Venezuela and…

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Mexico.- The youtuber Chumel Torres assures AMLO wants a dictatorshipcriticism of the president for his Support for Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua America by refusing to attend the summit if the United States does not invite them.

From his official Twitter account, Chumel Torres shared the announcement that President Andres Manuel López Obrador had made in La Manera on May 10, 2022, when warned that America will not attend the summit If the US government excludes those three countries.

driver of pulse of the republic He warned that AMLO’s message with that position is “very clear”, as he says the Mexican president will “suck up a dictatorship” for supporting Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, whose leaders are called “dictators”. Branded as “

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“AMLO does not want to go to the US summit because they are not going to invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. The message is very clear, dictatorship will suck, It’s said and nothing happens,” Chumel Torres wrote of AMLO.

it’s not the first time that influential person llama”Dictator“To President López Obrador. In November 2021, he exploded against the president for the decree that declared the 4T mega-project as matters of public interest and “national security”.

Chummel said for AMLO, “AMLO has declared all of its infrastructure projects as a matter of ‘national security’.” The decree.

Chumel Torres assured that AMLO would “suck up a dictatorship” thanks to its support of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Photo: Twitter

George Berry seeks to reject AMLO

Chumel Torres’ remarks against President López Obrador were not the only criticism for his support of Cuba since the journalist George Berryfor the columnist financialalso attacked the president after announcing the hiring of Cuban doctors in Mexico.

From his official Twitter account, Jorge Berry demanded that all Mexicans reject AMLO, which he alleged wanted to impose. “Cuban Model” in Mexico,

,If López Obrador wants the Cuban model to be implemented in Mexico, all Mexicans must reject it, We want to continue to be independent,” said the journalist.

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In addition, he criticized AMLO’s announcement about recruiting 500 Cuban doctors to deal with the country’s hospital shortage, saying it was “a mechanism to send resources to the dictatorship.”

In early April, Berry warned that Mexico was headed for a “dangerous lawsuit” with the United States due to AMLO’s determination to complete its power reform despite United States discontent, although the initiative was eventually stopped by the opposition legislators.