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Chris Rock mocks Will Smith: “I got most of my hearing back”

2022-05-14 15:15:45 Chris Rock teases Will Smith again AP Chris Rock talks again about Will Smith and his famous event…

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2022-05-14 15:15:45
Will Smith VolwickChris Rock teases Will Smith again AP

Chris Rock talks again about Will Smith and his famous event at the Oscars during his comedy show. Vinod had spoken briefly only a few days back, but recently he ‘attacked’ the actor again.

The comedian took advantage of his London tour to talk about the famous slap he received at the Hollywood Academy event. At his show at the Royal Albert Hall in the British city, Rock returned to the arena.

“I’m fine, in case anyone was wondering,” says The Telegraph as he remarked during one of his monologues. “I got most of my hearing back,” she would have joked.

During the past weeks there was speculation as to what the price might be for which the presenters of the gala would talk about what happened. Some portals confirmed that three million dollars would be the amount that would have been put as a price to hear their expected opinion.

But, nothing is further from the reality, during his stand-up he also responded to this rumor: According to the same newspaper, this was his response: “People expect me to talk nonsense and I no longer want to do that.” I’m leaving. Yes, finally on Netflix.” ,

During the Oscars, Will Smith attacked Chris Rock with a slap. A “joke” by the comedian towards Will’s wife, Jada Pinkett, doesn’t fit well. The Oscar winner for Best Actor decided to slap him on stage.

Now, who was, among others, the Prince of Bel-Air or the protagonist of I Am Legend, faces a possible divorce with his wife. Meanwhile, he lives in a spiritual retreat away from the spotlight.