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Chocolate car regularization module opens in Guamchil

Guamuchil Sinaloa. Like other cities, it was also opened in Guamuchil module vehicle regularization of origin abroad In which information…

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Guamuchil Sinaloa. Like other cities, it was also opened in Guamuchil module vehicle regularization of origin abroad In which information is being given about the process to be done for those who are beneficiaries of this federal government program.

The Head of the Civil Services Module was attended by Tax Administration of the Government of the State of SinaloaOscar López Barraza, who was very attentive to the procedures and staff in charge of preparing the package for each beneficiary.

The official announced that the module includes that once the placement is done through the internet platform, it checks vehicle And once it’s profile is regular we plate it here, the vehicle comes in as a foreigner, we make it Mexican, and later Sinaloa, and with its license plates it’s all over Mexico, here May even air abroad.

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requirements to regularize

1- Proof of Address
2- Current insurance policy
3-Title or Invoice of Vehicle
4-Signed Declaration
The 5-SAT payment receipt is stamped by the bank
6- Proof of domicile
7-Official Identity
8- Printed photo of vehicle number
9-Vehicles to be regulated

The payment is 2,500 pesos for the regularization receipt, plus 2,600 for the plating, but on the quantity of plates. State government Applying thirty percent discount, in total it will eliminate about 4 thousand six hundred pesos, as well as the cost of insurance of damages to third parties in case it is not available.
Twenty appointments are scheduled today, it is expected that next week fifty vehicles will be removed per day, the state official remarked, adding that in total, only from Guamuchil There are currently seven hundred appointments, and by the end of May we may have about 2 thousand.

“At the moment we don’t have a list of how many vehicles we have, we have been asked a lot at the state level how many vehicles we are going to regularize, we don’t have a well defined list because there is no one of those vehicles. Record, but luckily, with the system we have in place, we have an average of how many vehicles are going to be regularized between now and September 20 of this year, which is when federal decree ends. tax administration system of the government of the state of sinaloa,

The official indicated that, for now, the citizens of Mokorito and Angostura Must attend modules located at salvador alvaradiO!

He also remarked that an agreement is being made with the main insurers to keep a very low price for an insurance policy, which is registered in the insurance policy. National Insurance and Bonds Commission,

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To avoid the risk that they are not insurers who are not registered with this commission, as many complaints have been made by citizens who have not responded to them in accident cases.

Finally, he recommended that citizens not be fooled by third parties, and that all Appointment process is free,