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Chivas is reunited with his people; search for title

Guadalajara, Jalisco. – Chivas was indebted to his fans because of the poor tournament they were doing until the end…

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Guadalajara, Jalisco. – Chivas was indebted to his fans because of the poor tournament they were doing until the end of the Marcelo Michelle Leno collaboration, his successor Ricardo Cadena becoming a respite of that bitter taste so that everyone returns to the normalcy of Clausura of 2022 title.

Holy Swarm has been unstoppable since defeating Cruz Azul on the grounds of the Azteca Stadium. We have already seen that Rosiblanco is one of the most loyal people in the public, but like any other it also demands results and reveals itself to see improvement in order to return his team to the podium.

On the night of Friday, April 15, when the players received a serenade at the Concentration Hotel, it was realized that they still had time to react on the field and at least achieve the playoffs, not only that the mission was achieved. but it also became a strong candidate for the domestic championship.

Chivas challenged the unthinkable and was better off finishing sixth overall with 26 units and its association with the masses which left them in the middle of Clausura 2022 but now plays a fundamental role so that this engine is bad in eleven. Don’t be by Richard Chen

In yesterday’s game (Sunday) against Pumas UNAM, an Akron stadium was not seen with much joy, deafness and fans enjoying the win. Guadalajara reached the football level everyone expected and now it’s up to them to know how to handle it for this first duel against Atlas in the quarterfinals.

The Perla de Occidente team has not yet defeated any team from fifth and above, they will face the third overall and defending champions in an edition of the Clásico Tapatio, a final that has not been experienced since Clausura 2017.

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Curiously, the final clash between teams from Guadalajara in the final stage saw Chivas win their last Liga MX title. Matias Almeida and José Guadalupe Cruz were technicians in that edition, now Ricardo Cadena and Diego Coca would plan a didactic and goal game for the semi-finals.