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Chivas DT ready for semi-finals

technical director of Guadalajara to ChivasJuan Pablo Alfaro assured that the key to the semi-final against Tigres would be one…

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technical director of Guadalajara to ChivasJuan Pablo Alfaro assured that the key to the semi-final against Tigres would be one of the closest in his quest to reach the championship fight.

“Aspects are always going to improve. Let’s now look at the game in more detail to accommodate the things that need to be worked on during the week. Everything indicates it will be the Tigress and we know that It will not be easy, we have already met in other examples, The last Before a few tournaments, but we are ready, we have what we have and we are going to face it in the best possible way and we are going to see who is the one who does things better, it will happen . We are calm, but we are going to prepare well for the two matches in the final”, he explained in a conference call.

Juan Pablo Alfaro made it clear that his team never gave up against Pumas de la UNAM and that is what kept them in the fight to reach the semi-finals of the Liga MX Femenil’s Clausura 2022.

“No (I thought about elimination). We fell on the scoreboard pretty quickly. Obviously he’s going to hit you whenever you’re two goals down, but I was watching with the girls they weren’t doing bad There was concern. It was possible to reduce the distances before the end of the first half. The team has personality, it brought out the race, the courage that these conditions require and leagueAlfaro concluded.

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For Chivas, facing the Tigres de la Uenl is a complicated custom as the Felines are by far the club with the longest history of championships on the pink circuit and were one of the finalists of the previous tournament despite falling in the Grand Final against Rayados de La Uenl. Monterey.

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