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chilling! Carolina Amoroso Reveals What The Hardest Experience Was Living in Ukraine – People Online

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which led to the start of this war between the two countries, took place in February…

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which led to the start of this war between the two countries, took place in February this year. The public was very attentive to the details of what was happening and that is why TN Noticias decided to send a journalist to cover this struggle to get direct information. Selected: Carolina Amoroso, The communicator spent 18 days in a European country and that time was enough to experience all kinds of situations.

in chat with eleven ten / city radio, Carolina He details his stay at the center of the war conflict. He confessed that he spent days without sleeping and the atmosphere of the place was of desperation to be able to flee the country. “We don’t take the dimension of pain and terror, and updated trauma,Started by saying

During the time she was in Ukraine, the journalist was able to experience very difficult moments, where citizens were only desperate and afraid of what might happen. “Once a mom in a supermarket, something very strong happened to me with women He was between 25 and 30 years old, we jerked against a glass, he was talking on the phone, he spilled coffee in his hand She started crying, pulling her hair and crying and the girl next to her hugged her and started crying.”, told, and specified that he did not understand what had happened.

“He then translated for me that that young mother killed her fatherAnd seeing that little girl was shocked to see her mother, she needed to stop and at the same time the mother being a daughter was trying to understand what was happening”As explained in the program, if for flies. On the other hand, he also described what he experienced in a train station: “We were desperate, tense”While the anti-aircraft sirens were sounding, it was hours before the curfew, people had nowhere to go,Whereas from a human point of view you see the humiliation in their eyes, you see the pain, you see how violent people can be and how arguments start.”,

“I was broadcasting on TN all morning, and I realized the atmosphere was weird, that it wasn’t just the tension of danger”He added and added the sadness that the Ukrainian people are experiencing: “Mothers taking their children, trying to understand something meaningless, pouring strength and love into something destructive, often leaving behind a love, a father who doesn’t know when it will return”,

To conclude your interview, Carolina They reflected on what their experience was like and what they were able to learn from it: “It was the fastest growing exodus after World War II…to see people leaving their cars in line and walking on foot is very powerful and a responsibility to watch. It gives you an apprenticeship and a transformation”, . more information on



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