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Chihuahua dies after going on a moving patrol

Chihuahua. – Early this Friday, May 13, a man named “Javier” lost his life while jumping off a moving patrolpossibly…

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Chihuahua. – Early this Friday, May 13, a man named “Javier” lost his life while jumping off a moving patrolpossibly to avoid being imprisoned in the streets of chihuahuaChihuahua.

It was 1:00 pm when the subject was transferred to city ​​police vehicleAlways under the protection of an officer, as he was allegedly in a state of aggressive behavior and intoxication.

The subject was arrested after a report was filed accusing him of trying to enter businesses located on Juan Escutia Avenue in the northern state capital.

He was then transferred to the Northern Command, where after examination by a doctor it was determined that he should be transferred to the Central Hospital for treatment of a hand injury.

This is how he began his journey to the medical center, however, He jumped out of the patrol at the height of Venseremos Street and Homero Avenue Moving. The blow would have destroyed his vital signs almost immediately.

Javier received immediate medical attention, and the Red Cross was also requested the support of paramedics, who upon arrival could do nothing but determine that the body was no longer showing significant symptoms.

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Police officers traveling at the time of the incident were brought before the Ministry of Public Affairs to analyze their innocence or guilt, while the Municipal Directorate of Public Security expressed in a press release that it would support the person’s family as necessary. .

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Chihuahua dies after going on a moving patrol

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