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Chelsea are one of the teams with the biggest capital

buying of Chelsea It is valued by Boehly and company (Boehly also co-owns the Dodgers in the Major League and…

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buying of Chelsea It is valued by Boehly and company (Boehly also co-owns the Dodgers in the Major League and Lakers in the NBA) at $3.1 billion, which would be the record for the largest acquisition for a sports property in history, 2.4 billion that Steven Cohen won. Paid for the New York Mets in 2020.

With this purchase of Chelsea by American businessmen, they join another list in the American Premier League that invests in English football.

The North American businessman who is into investing in English teams is Stan Kroenke. armory, Wesley Edens en l Aston Villa; ALK Capital N Burnley; Joshua Harris, David Blitzer and John Texter at Crystal Palace; 49ers Enterprises con Leeds United; John Henry & Tom Werner beat Liverpool; Silver Lake con Manchester City; La Familia Glazer con Manchester United; Y Albert Smith l West Ham.

In general, single Brentford, Brighton and Hove Albion, norwich city And Tottenham Hotspur are the only teams that do not have any foreign capital, because although Welsh businessman Michael Wynn-Jones is based in Norwich, he is of British nationality.

“There’s new money in Chelsea, the Blackburn Rovers Even so many years ago when Jack Walker put in the money, Leicester City won the league from Thailand with the capital, Manchester City and Abu Dhabi assets, I think we are a stronger league because of all these investments, a more competitive one and acclaimed league. World of the world,” admitted former Manchester United and England player Gary Neville.

Chelsea broke the record with an estimate of over $3,000 million in the list of only seven teams costing more than $2,000 million worldwide.

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Chelsea are second on the list of the biggest buys in the sport with their $3,000 million Brooklyn Nets With a buyout of $2,350 million by Joe Tsai in 2019, New York Mets in third place by Steven Cohen in 2020 with a purchase amount of $2,400 million, fourth place by the Jacksonville Panthers with a buyout amount of $2,280 million by David Tepper in 2018, Tillman Fifth of the Houston Rockets for 2,200 in 2017 by Fertitta, sixth to the Los Angeles Dodgers for a sum of $2,000 million by Guggenheim Baseball Management, and seventh to the Los Angeles Clippers. by Steve Ballmer in 2014 for $2,000 million.

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