Friday, December 2, 2022
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Change of some flights for AIFA begins in August

Currently approximately 10% of flights entering and leaving Mexico City International Airport (AICM) will be sent to Saint LuciaBut that…

Currently approximately 10% of flights entering and leaving Mexico City International Airport (AICM) will be sent to Saint LuciaBut that would be until August, the Interior Ministry reported (segobo,

This, so that the new terminal will have more than 100 operations per day, with approximately 1,176 that will remain at CDMX Airport, with the second leg of the flight, are slated to leave. MexicoAnd it will be announced soon a month later, starting on September 15th.

Similarly, for the same dates, all domestic cargo and charter flights will operate from Felipe Angels International Airport only (AIFA), because it would take about 90 days to set up the tax and customs infrastructure to get to these routes from St. Lucia.

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Similarly, airport loans over one year, as well as fuel, taxes or fees, among other concepts, will lose their designated slots in AICM, so they will have to move their operations to AIFA.

Meanwhile, according to the statement on agreements reached at this Monday’s meeting between Segob, the airlines Aeromexico, Volaris You Viva Aerobicsas well as the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT), of national defense (sedna) and the Mexican Navy (semaro), new incoming flights to AICM will no longer be authorized, while departures cannot exceed those scheduled for the Summer 2022 season.

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However, Segob insisted that, despite the fact that the program to “desaturate” airspace toward AICM has parallels with the decree that SICT is supposed to hand over 20% of flights to AIFA, “it It was reported that there is a “No Decree” relating to restricting operations in AICM”, highlighting that it was also agreed to work closely with government agencies such as Navigation Services in Mexican airspace.senia), to “continue to offer a safe and reliable service in the skies of the national territory”.

In addition, he stressed the need for “doubled efforts” so that Mexico could reclaim type 1 Aviation Safety Established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAAFor its acronym in English), a technical review will be conducted this month and a final audit in July, with the US organization deciding what level the country’s aeronautics remains at.

while in yesterday’s meeting Kobian Palace It follows an incident recorded at AICM this Saturday between two Volaris aircraft, where they nearly collided while trying to take off and the other on the same runway, 05L.

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In addition to the fact that in recent times various national and international organizations have expressed their concern about an increase in incidents, especially due to the close proximity between aircraft, from March 2021, when the first phases of the airspace redesign was implemented. valley of mexicoThe opening of the AIFA led, however, to the federal government denying that it had anything to do with the increase in reports from pilots and air traffic controllers.

Volaris aircraft record incident at AICM; manages to distract before a landing