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“Cell Phones”: Family of Killed Journalists

Minatitlan, Ver.- Relatives of Yesenia Molinedo, one of the two journalists killed in Veracruz Last May 9, he alleged that…

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Minatitlan, Ver.- Relatives of Yesenia Molinedo, one of the two journalists killed in Veracruz Last May 9, he alleged that one hour after the crime camerawoman sheila’s cell phone Johanna Garcia, was manipulated by officials. It was at the same time that the campaign was launched in the network to victimize them again.

“Johanna’s cell phone was manipulated the same day (of the crime) at 4 pm. We were investigating the network and she was connected. Someone from the prosecutor’s office tampered with her phone,” said the victim’s brother Ramiro Molinedo charged from the pantheon of the municipality of Minatitlán, where the remains of journalists were buried.

According to Molinedo, his sister recorded his last activity on the phone at 2:45 pm, when he contacted his family. Yesenia and Sheila were shot in the parking lot of an OXXO in Kosolyak Municipality shortly after 3 p.m. The killers must have fired 16 bullets at him.

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Ramiro Molinedo reported that, at the same time that Sheila Johanna’s cell phone was allegedly manipulated, messages about which were re-plagued. Yesenia and Sheila Which ranged from linking them to criminal activities to spice up their emotional ties with morbidity.

about these leaks Governor Cuitlahuac García said It is May 11, but not to announce an investigation against government employees collecting the belongings of slain journalists, but to hold journalists accountable for those messages on the network.

“We were barely there when a journalist had already revealed that they got “things” on the victim. Well, he is not a journalist, someone who has space on Facebook, Twitter,” Garcia Jimenez said in a press conference from the Government Palace in Veracruz.

García said that, following the recounted victim messages, he called the Secretary of Public Security (SSP), Hugo Gutierrez Maldonado, to confirm that, as suggested on the network, the vehicle contained drugs and a weapon where Yesenia and Sheela was shot. “I said, is that true? Why the injury or the performance? Added the president.

García Jiménez’s statements only exacerbated the disagreement of journalists who knew the two comrades killed in life. Ramiro Molinedo warned against condemning those who leaked the victim message.

We want to know who ordered Hitman to commit the crime?

At a funeral with some people, some prayers and some farewells, Ramiro Molinedo asked the government of Veracruz to find those responsible for the double crime. Along with Yesenia and Sheila, 31 journalists have been murdered in Veracruz during the past 17 years; Six of them women. The request for justice was not limited to finding the perpetrators.

“I ask the governor of the state not to be spared for the needless murders committed by the killers; organized crime people who are just soldiers who obey and take orders. What about the mastermind who killed my sister. ordered to kill? Ramiro Molinedo wonders in front of Yesenia’s coffin.

The communicator warned that those responsible for the crime were recorded in the security cameras of businesses located in the Cerro Alto neighborhood of Cosolacac, but also those of the Communications, Computing, Control and Command Center (C4).

“They killed two working women; Mothers who, like no one else, could have adventures, mistakes, and successes. We are no one to judge them in private life. We want justice!” said Molinedo.

A few meters from the site where Yesenia was buried, next to her father’s ashes, Sheila Johanna was exhumed at a more express and more private funeral. Families sued state and federal officials for security at the doorsteps of their homes, where they create strange predicaments.

“We fear for our safety. They call us, they whisper to us and they hang up, ”say the relatives of Yesenia and Sheila, more vulnerable than fear to grief.

Seven journalists killed along with Cuitlahuac García

1.- Celestino Ruiz, a reporter for the Grafico de Xalapa, was shot and killed when he was at his home in the town of La Bocanita in the municipality of Actopan. Months before his assassination, he denounced that he had received threats from then-Pan Mayor Paulino Rivera.

An investigation by the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) led to the arrest of two alleged content writers of the attack in which they died, in addition, an arrest warrant was issued against the former mayor, who is a fugitive.

Just this May 5, one of the physical officers, identified as a former municipal police officer, received a 32-year sentence for the crime against Celestino Ruiz, with the other involved still under trial.

2.-Maria Elena Ferral was shot dead in March 2020 in Papantla; He worked as a journalist in the northern region of the state of Veracruz, as a correspondent for the Diario de Jalpa and the owner of the Quinto Podar newspaper.

In May 2020, the State Attorney General’s office reported that 11 arrest warrants had been issued against those allegedly involved in his murder. Currently, six people have already been arrested, including a journalist Jose “Ann”, who was accused of providing information to the criminal group that murdered the journalist.

However, Papantla’s former deputy and Coyutla’s former mayor, Basilio Picazzo, who is identified as the mastermind, has been absconding since 2019, amid complaints from relatives of Maria Elena Ferral, who point to links in power that Maintaining freedom from punishment. exists in the case.

3.- Julio Valdivia was murdered on September 9, 2020 in the municipality of Tezonapa, beheaded and his body dumped on train tracks. The reporter for the newspaper El Mundo de Córdoba covered police information in one of the most dangerous areas, located on the border between Veracruz and Oaxaca.

According to the testimony of relatives, Julio Valdivia said that he had received threats before his murder, which, however, did not help. On March 31, the state attorney general’s office reported the arrest of the alleged mastermind of the crime against him.

The captive who was linked to a process for worthy murder is Gustavo Abigail “En”, aka “El Pino”, the son of Gustavo Díaz Sánchez, aka “El Gato”, a local deputy of Oaxaca, Which was arrested in the municipality of Fortin. 4th November 2021.

4.- Jacinto Romero, the host of Oristerio FM, was killed by at least two bullets on August 19, 2021, when he was traveling in his vehicle on Reforma Boulevard in the municipality of Ixtazoquitlán, in the Altas Montanas region of Veracruz .

Romero Flores covered the general information and wrote the El Anano del Tapanaco column. The journalist worked in Sol de Orizaba for years until he was fired due to personnel cuts. He also collaborated with anthropologist Jesus Lobato on the radio program Say It Without Fear.

Eight months after his assassination, the state attorney general’s office arrested four people linked to the crime in a conspiracy, including former municipal officials and elected municipal officials who did not protest in office.

On November 18, 2021, Ana Laura “en”, Casto “en”, brother of the then mayor of Ixtaczoquitlán, Candida Ana Hernández Sánchez, and Roberto Trinidad “en”, elected councilor of Morena in that municipality, were involved in the process. . ,

On 15 April, the elected councilor of Ixtaczoquitlán was arrested by the Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) party, Patricio Alejando de los Santos Rosas, aka “Munrra”.

5.- Jose Luis Gambo Arenas, director of Digital Media Inforgio, was murdered in the streets of the Floresta subdivision of the city of Veracruz during the night of January 10, 2022. The body had multiple knife wounds and was found in one area. with low light.

During the morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on 7 April, it was reported that the alleged perpetrators of the Veracruz journalist had been fully identified, but the arrest of the alleged perpetrator of the crime was not reported until 26 April. ,

The detainee was identified as Eduardo “Ann” the nephew of the communicator, who was attached to the process by a controlling judge. Although Jose Luis Gamboa made and followed editorial commentary on political and drug trafficking issues, investigations by the authorities dismissed his professional practice as motive.

6 and 7.- Portal El Veraz director Yesenia Molinedo Falconi and camerawoman Sheila Johanna Oliveira were shot dead while they were in a private car in the municipality of Kosoliac in the southern region of the state of Veracruz.

State officials confirmed that there are currently four lines of investigation into the crime, among which are journalistic exercises. However, no information has been received about the progress of the investigation so far.

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Relatives of Yesenia confirmed that before the murder, he told his family that he had received several threats from a criminal group.

The dome of the gym at IPN’s Zacatenco unit collapsed; no injuries reported

“Cell Phones”: Family of Killed Journalists

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