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Cedillo (Casares) will become Spain’s first solar community in 2023

Iberdrola Plans to launch in Keceres Town cedillo First solar community in Spain for the whole cityAnd thanks to this…

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Iberdrola Plans to launch in Keceres Town cedillo First solar community in Spain for the whole cityAnd thanks to this initiative all the residents of this area will enjoy 50% savings on energy bills of your power consumption.

To do this, the company will install small photovoltaic plants with a combined power of 340 kW on the roofs of two municipal facilities and on land donated by the city council. Iberdrola will assume the total investment of assembly and management of this collective self-consumption system, which would be Operations in early 2023,

With this initiative the group intends to contribute to the development of the region. deal with population, attracting new residents to the municipality. Thus, newly registered citizens will be able to benefit from this measure for the next five years.

The agreement to complete this project has been signed by the mayor of Cedillo, Anthony GonzalezYou Nicholas Anton, responsible for the Iberdrola renewal in Extremadura. The initiative is also supported by the Junta de Extremadura.

Iberdrola and Cedillo. Signing of contract between the cityEuropa Press

In this sense, Councilors for Ecological Transition and Sustainability, olga garciadescribed the project as “a very good practice that encourages rural development and allows the whole city to participate in the benefits and opportunities provided by photovoltaic deployment, which should show maximum solidarity with those localities.” Where it is located thus contributes to meeting the demographic challenge. I hope it will serve as a reference for other cities in the region”, explains Iberdrola in a press release.

For his part, Antonio González explained that “the investments, jobs and taxes generated by Iberdrola’s renewable projects guarantee that this city will not disappear in the short term. We are an example of how the environment can be protected and developed at the same time.” could. I hope Cedillo remains a green energy city for many years to come,

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Thus, according to Iberdrola, the city of Cedillo is an example of the contribution of renewable energy to the sustainable development of rural areas. Iberdrola will launch in this city in the coming weeks two photovoltaic installations With a combined power of 100 MW.

In order to reduce its environmental impact in the surroundings of the Parque Natural del Tajo Internacional, a protected area between Spain and Portugal, Iberdrola has come up with a complex solution to extract the energy produced by these photovoltaic plants combined and approximately 500 MW. A hydroelectric plant is also located. Municipality.

As part of this initiative, the company has installed an encapsulated substation of only 300 m2—compared to the 10,000 m2 of land they typically require—that Minimizes its impact on the environment, Its construction has been a major military challenge, as it has been transported entirely from Italy to Spain.

This innovative infrastructure Will serve the third photovoltaic plant, 375 MW, which will prevent the establishment of new evacuation networks, in favor of environmental protection and integration in the region. This final facility—supported by the city council and the Cedillo Agrarian Society—is in the process of being processed by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge. The plant will be located in a communal farm owned by a large majority of the residents of the municipality, who will be able to continue their livestock activity.

Extremadura, Spearhead

In addition, Extremadura is one of the richest European regions in natural resources and a fundamental enclave for the development of solar energy. The region has become a “pioneer” of Iberdrola’s commitment to promoting renewable energy in Spain. The company’s investment plan predicts the installation of 10,000 new MW in the country by 2030. A development in which the region of Extremadura is playing an important role.

In the period 2020-2025 alone, Iberdrola will have installed more than 2,800 renewable MW in Extremadura with an investment of more than 1,700 million euros and the creation of some 7,400 jobs over a five-year period.

Cedillo (Casares) will become Spain’s first solar community in 2023

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