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cdmx. Sheinbaum announces property loan waiver

Mexico City’s head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, made a series of announcements this Friday to support the capital’s residents’ family…

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Mexico City’s head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, made a series of announcements this Friday to support the capital’s residents’ family economy, among them the cancellation of property loans for those who could not pay dues over the past two years due to the pandemic. which will benefit 80,000 families.

During the welfare fair, popular in the Tlapan mayor’s office, support for social and solidarity economy, the president of the capital reported that the total value of the property tax waiver in the country’s capital is about 300 million pesos.

Secretary of Administration and FinanceLuz Elena González pointed out that the emerging support program for vulnerable families will benefit those who have a house with a cadastral value of 2.4 million pesos who could not pay off their property during the past two years.

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They didn’t pay because they didn’t want to, the official justified, but because they couldn’t, people were very responsible during the call to stay home due to the pandemic.

They can only catch up by paying 2022 and in turn the 2020 and 2021 loans will be wiped out, he explained. Light Elena Gonzalez,

“We will in an extraordinary way provide property loans of 2020 and 2021 as well as fines, updates generated during the pandemic, to the families who need it the most, who have property with a value of 24 lakh pesos, of cadastral value. , by paying only 2022”, the Administration and Finance Secretary explained.

Sheinbaum noted that Mexico City’s government supports the president’s endorsement Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Credit is also promoted for the population and for the welfare.

“We have allocated 500 million pesos with 10 thousand pesos credit to all those small micro-businesses that had some problem, or new entrepreneurs, and no interest rate is charged and it will be done after three months in three years. The payment is made. The credit is given,” the mayor of Mexico City explained.

assistance for people with disabilities

In addition, the head of government remarked that in mid-June, with the government of Mexico, support for people with disabilities would be universal.

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“The President of the Republic is putting in some 500 million pesos and we’re putting in another 500 million pesos and with him we’re going to start the census so that all the disabled people who don’t have their support,” he said.

Sheinbaum said that in terms of scholarships for the welfare of boys and girls, from preschool to public secondary education, there will be an increase for the next school year as well.

“And the question is: How do we do all this, where do so many resources to support people come from? Because the best thing that can be done at this time is direct support. Well, the resources come from the model.” That is with the President, which we enforce here in the city, which is called republican austerity,” he said.

“Which is meant to end corruption, to end privileges, and to have enough resources to support the people of Mexico.”

Before the announcements, the head of government was greeted with the slogans “Claudia! Claudia! and President! President!

cdmx. Sheinbaum announces property loan waiver

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