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CDMX Leads to the Registry of Animal Raiders

people who are committed aggression against animals and are sanctioned for this under the concept of animal abuse a ….

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people who are committed aggression against animals and are sanctioned for this under the concept of animal abuse a . can be registered in Raiders Public Registry Feather Mexico CityThis has been done with the intention of reducing the violence suffered by sentient beings.

Registry will be in charge of Animal Attention Agency (Agtan) and will have attacker’s full nameYour CURP and the reason you are registered in the said database.

The file and the criminal or administrative punishment for the aggression committed will also be shared. it could all be a reality against animal abuse In CDMX if the green light is given and its corresponding process a Resolution in Chamber of Deputies,

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CDMX Leads to the Registry of Animal Raiders

Gabriella Salido, pan deputy And the initiative’s promoter explained that attacks against animals in Mexico City increased: they went from a thousand complaints in 2020 to 5,228 in 2021.

However, the legislator reiterated that there is a much blacker figure in terms of reduction in cases, as not all acts of animal abuse are against. domestic animals from or wildlife The report has been done, so he pointed out that preventive action should be implemented.

“In short, the most important thing is prevention, although we do not give up on having a statistical context and being able to analyze the timing of these types of violators and the increase in sanctions when there is a past record,” he explained.

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On the other hand, the PAN Deputy highlighted that Increase in violence against animals there is also one Relationship in violence that gives pattern or escalation against other peoplesuch as women and children, according to studies conducted in the United States.

, has a history Cruelty to animals in 30% of exhibitionism cases46% inch sexual harrasment48% inch Violation and in 60% HomicideSo the legislature also has to focus on detecting these behaviors and preventing attacks against people.

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Salido said that along with the registry it could also help prevent animals with a history of adoptions from ending up in the hands of attackers. The Animal Welfare Commission would be the one that would have to formulate the opinion and later submit it to a vote in the plenary session of Mexico City’s Chamber of Deputies.

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