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Case of women police officers in OIC

Governor Rubén Rocha Moya’s decision yesterday to remove Hector Melecio Cuen Ojeda as health secretary “feared” many agency officials in…

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Governor Rubén Rocha Moya’s decision yesterday to remove Hector Melecio Cuen Ojeda as health secretary “feared” many agency officials in the northern part of Sinaloa. Some even exalted the Mochitens at the Secretariat in Culiacan. And it is that with the arrival of Kuen Ojeda’s relief they may come out as the “cork stopper”. Especially those he accommodated because others do not have his seal. It will be known what fate will be, to begin with Victor Manuel Lim Zavala, head of the sanitary jurisdiction 01. All because Kuen Ojeda did not withdraw complaints against journalists.

He says that before leaving for Mexico City, Ahom Mayor Gerardo Vargas Landros finished a labor and sexual harassment complaint against the commanders of the Secretary of Public Safety and City Transportation, led by female police officers. Agent and activist Dignora Valdez. This, some say, so that the problem did not get out of hand, because they saw women “taking up arms”. After searching so much for him, Vargas Landeros and his main accomplices reached an agreement that the matter be brought to the internal control body led by Fausto Rubén Ibarra Salis. Thereafter the Commission of Honor and Justice of the Preventive Corporation “stick” to the complaint, which was not surprising to anyone because from the very beginning the officers did not mislead him by leaning towards the accused commanders. To put it elegantly, he didn’t treat them well, he leaked information from the file, etc. They did what they shouldn’t and there are consequences: the problem returned to the mayor. With those officials in hand, what does Vargas Landros want for the opponents!

The Dignora Valdez police got to work as soon as they informed him that the internal control body was going to draw up the case. The day before yesterday they asked him to take some documents to the OIC Administrative Offenses offices, but when he went it was already locked. They left because it was Mother’s Day. Then why did they call him? Yesterday he went again very early and got the information. In other words, stays on topic. Already at the expense, Dignora Valdez looks like she’s going to take the mayor’s word to see him because she said the doors were open. But it will be another day as Vargas Landros heads to Mexico City for a meeting with federal officials.

Some weighed in with what was said by the mayor of Culiacán, Jess Estrada Ferreiro, that the Secretary of State for Agriculture, Jaime Montes Salas, would also be removed from the play from the Government Palace. And it’s not like it wasn’t known that Monte Salas wanted to appear on the ballots in the next electoral process. or if? However, friends of the Secretary of Agriculture listened to Estrada Ferreiro. He said the political trial against him makes him feel like stepping on the roof, but he doesn’t dislike that Mochitens join the fight in 2024.

Case of women police officers in OIC

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