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Carolina Vigiano Presents 2050 Vision of Growth in Hidalgo

Hidalgo. – Standard Bearer of the Carolina Vigiano Coalition “He goes for Hidalgo”, from PRI, PAN and PRD. The entity…

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Hidalgo. – Standard Bearer of the Carolina Vigiano Coalition “He goes for Hidalgo”, from PRI, PAN and PRD. The entity sees it as “the most important growth pole at the heart of the country”, to which it will seek to attract national and foreign investment.

This was stated by the flag bearer while presenting the unit’s economic development plan, where he explained that it considers four axes: urban regional planning, increasing formal employment, generating balanced growth in the unit’s various sectors, and entrepreneurs and innovators. To promote SMEs for .

“We will become the most important growth pole in central Mexico. The next government I am going to lead will have a strong intensive policy to promote existing companies, attract new national and foreign investment.” Indian.

Viggiano Austria acknowledged that reaching these points would be a major challenge for his government in the face of the disastrous policy Morena had implemented in the country, as he indicated that it has created uncertainty in the business sector.

Regarding regional and urban planning, the candidate explained that it will be a long-term vision with the creation of development agencies that integrate state government, municipalities and the private sector and civil society to ensure the success of all sectors.

With regard to employment, the candidate promised that his government would implement an aggressive investment attraction policy that allows the state to host new companies, strengthen existing ones as well as tourism.

Carolina Vigiano explained that in order to generate balanced development of the different areas of the entity, connectivity, the strengths and focused promotion of the specificities of each development area will be used, improving infrastructure and leveraging Mexico-Laredo, Arco Norte, Mexico Highway – Tucspan and Mexico – generate connectivity to Pachuca, Huguetla, Tampico and Tucpan.

“And number four, foster entrepreneurs and innovators. The funding will be offered with Hidalgo companies funding their access to technological tools that facilitate business management and integrating them into a sustainable ecosystem of clean energy generation.he pointed.

Carolina Vigino recognizes that she will be the one to lead the vision of Hidalgo 2050, the main challenge of which will be to achieve a sustainable regional balance through promoting different poles of development.

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He also pointed out that this approach for Hidalgo considers the use of clean energy in the primary, textile and logistics industries. In addition to promoting various industrial corridors in areas such as Xaltocan, Xaltocan.

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Carolina Vigiano Presents 2050 Vision of Growth in Hidalgo

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