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Call for the tenth Tour Los Muertos 2022

Los Mochis.- The Los Muertos Cycling Club With the support of H. Ayuntamiento de Ahom through the Municipal Sports Institute,…

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Los Mochis.- The Los Muertos Cycling Club With the support of H. Ayuntamiento de Ahom through the Municipal Sports Institute, they call all cyclists to the tenth edition of the Tour Los Muertos 2022 in honor of Oscar Gabriel “Piejo” and Carlos Fernando “Canano” Cota Padilla.

The organizers announced this in a press conference organized in a well-known restaurant in the city. race details Which will be in root and mountain mode.

The competition will take place on Sunday, May 15 at 08:00 a.m. on the Los Mochis-El Maviri Highway, with the start and end lines of 10 kilometers of the Los Mochis-Topolobampo Highway.

Free Elite Category Open, Master A 30-39 Years Old, Master B 40-49 Years Old, Master C 50-59 Years Old, Master D 60 & Older, Junior B 15-16 Years Old, Mains Free Beginners Route, Female Elite square free way, women’s free starting routeFree Men’s Mountain, Free Women Mountain, Beginners Mountain Over 30, Beginners Mountain Over 30, Beginners Women Mountain Over 30, Beginners Woman Mountain Over 30, Free Men’s Fixie, Free Women Fixie and Mountain 100kg and more.

The start will startle with the elite Group 1, Master A and all mountain and fixie categories in Juvenile B, Group 2 Master B and C, Group 3, Root Feminine Elite, Root Feminine Beginners, Master D and Root Beginners Male and Group 4.

In the first and second rounds there will be two intermediate goals for Group 1 and one intermediate goal for Group 2. Registration costs 200 pesos and will close on Saturday, May 14 at 4 PM.

The credit to the account is made on 0870967421 and the transfer is done 072-743-00870-9674215.

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Cyclists are required to send a bank deposit slip with their full name, category, age, team and/or city they belong to for registration payment.

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Call for the tenth Tour Los Muertos 2022

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