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Brussels rules that a blockade of Russian gas is on the table

The European Commission (EC) does not rule out any other sanctions against Russia for the war in Ukraine, but Not…

By admin , in news , at June 4, 2022

The European Commission (EC) does not rule out any other sanctions against Russia for the war in Ukraine, but Not currently studying a Russian gas blockadeAccording to the European Commissioner for the Economy, paolo gentiloniFor whom, although the conflict will not be won with sanctions, the six EC packages will have a “disastrous effect on the Russian economy and power”.

“The official position of the Election Commission is that there is no restriction from the table. But today we are not talking of gas blockade. The point is to hit Russia, but without causing us much harm,” Gentiloni said in an interview published by the Italian newspaper this Saturday. impression,

Gentiloni points out that “war has a price. But be careful: it didn’t happen for anyone to win it with sanctions, because (Russian President Valdimir) Putin would be ready to get out of it only with a dialogue that does not allow him to say that he was defeated.

“The six packages launched by the commission will in any case have a devastating effect on the Russian economy and power, their effectiveness beyond doubt,” he says.

Despite the fact that the European front remains united in the war on Ukraine’s side and against Russia, Gentiloni is angered by the difficulties it has seen in agreeing some measures, pointing to the position of the Hungarian prime minister. , Viktor OrbanIn the last European rabbit.

“Decision-making is very difficult in Brussels and it was embarrassing to see everything slow down as one in 27 stood up and said the decision made by the meeting of heads of state and government was not enough,” he said.

As for Gentiloni, “the rules should be changed, (Italian Prime Minister Mario) Draghi and (French President Emmanuel) Macron were clear about it, and I hope Berlin will deal with the issue as well.”

“But let’s not look for excuses, because even with tools at its disposal, Europe is largely playing its part: coal embargoes, progressive oil embargoes, Russian banks outside SWIFT, initiatives against the central bank in Moscow, frozen Wealth to the oligarchs amounted to 12 billion euros, of which about 2 billion are in Italy. Russia is headed for a technical lapse and GDP will drop by 10%.”

asked about a european minimum wageThroughout the debate in Italy to approve a national minimum wage, which does not yet exist, Gentiloni considered it necessary given the loss of the purchasing power of wages.

“There is a framework directive from the commission, we have not moved forward because many countries retreat: the Scandinavians because they already implement it through collective bargaining, the former because they fear it will not be sustained,” they say.

And regarding the rise in inequalities of recent years, pandemics and post-war, Gentiloni assures that “the directive is very important for the recognition of workers’ rights on digital platforms.”

“The commission had suggested a tax on windfall profits of energy companies, which Italy immediately implemented, and we want to reach the minimum tax to avoid leaks to tax havens. We also need those large multinationals. What is needed is extraordinary taxation that has emerged out of the crises of recent years.”

Brussels rules that a blockade of Russian gas is on the table

2022-06-04 09:55:44