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Brozzo demonstrates feud between Norona and AMLO candidates

Mexico.- Joker Brozzo demonstrates the brawl between deputy Gerardo Fernández Norona and the AMLO candidates For the 2024 elections, Claudia…

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Mexico.- Joker Brozzo demonstrates the brawl between deputy Gerardo Fernández Norona and the AMLO candidates For the 2024 elections, Claudia Sheinbaum and Marcelo Eberard, after PT legislators declared that 4T could not win without her.

during your program tenebrozobroadcast on Latinas On May 6, the joker played by the actor Victor Trujillo mocked election shows starring candidates to succeed AMLO in 2024, of which Mexico City’s head of government stands out, Claudia Sheinbaumand chancellor Marcelo EbrardAlthough the controversial Fernandez Norona claims to be a strong possibility.

Brozzo questioned how important the panorama should be for 4T so that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador can declare himself a “state” that will “beat” the opposition, while the PT deputy confirmed that Morena and his allies could not win. . presidential election without him.

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“How bad is the Cork State, which While the President says: ‘I am the state and we are going to defeat them’, Deputy Fernández Norona sends the message: ‘Without me they will not win., This is the level, that is the standard, that is the size of the question and we are going to see it for the governed in the next elections,” the comedian said.

Similarly, he criticized that the presidential aspirations of characters such as Sheinbaum, Ebrard and even the Secretary of the Interior (Segob), Aidan Augusto López, have become a “festival of stumbles”, increasingly showing 4T’s weaknesses. Because it seems that their candidates are a copy of the AMLO which won the 2018 elections.

“It’s because of The idea of ​​getting stronger for 2024 is becoming a festival of stumbling blocksof blunders, and why not say it in English, various nonsense, where each corkolata exposes its weaknesses to a country that not only sees a viable candidate in them, but Raw Pirates copy of the winner of the 2018 election“, said Brozzo on AMLO’s candidates for 2024,

driver of Latinas also recalled that the President López Obrador Claims His “Collection of Bottle Caps”Pointing to 4T candidates, saying that any one of them can defeat the opposition in the next election.

Although the list of candidates was extensive, considering not only Sheinbaum and Ebrard, but also Tatiana Clothier, Juan Ramón de la Fuente, Rocio Nahle and Esteban Moctezuma, AMLO assured that none of them was a “guarantee” of victory for him. The 4T project will be in good hands, but Brozzo warns that things have changed a lot since then.

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“Remember when Andrés Manuel bragged to us about his collection of bottle caps? He said he gave it to her to defeat the opposition in future elections? (…) He practically said that Any of his four-piece retainers were guaranteed a win for leaving his project in good hands, but that was in July of last year, things are already looking less rosy,” he joked.

Clown Brozow expressed that AMLO’s idea of ​​exposing candidates two years before the election is “not a sign that the Bears are doing well,” but rather evidence that there is a need to make claims about a lack of achievements. For, the only thing left to do is campaign, “the only thing they know how to do more or less well,” he said.

Brozzo demonstrates feud between Norona and AMLO candidates

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