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Brazil: Hulk’s kick into an opponent’s testicles for which he can receive up to 12 games of sanction

2022-05-12 18:28:26 Kick the testicles from Hulk (Atlico Mineiro) to Willian Farias (Coritiba) Brazilian striker Hulk for Atlético Mineiro kicked…

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2022-05-12 18:28:26
Kick the testicles from Hulk (Atlico Mineiro) to Willian Farias (Coritiba)

Brazilian striker Hulk for Atlético Mineiro kicked Willian Farias in the scrotum from behind during match three of the Brasileirao match played on 23 April, and his team drew 2–2 against Coritiba.

The 35-year-old Brazilian striker was only punished with a yellow card for his kick and VAR decided not to intervene.

The Hulk tried to justify his kick to Willian Farias by posting a message on Instagram: “It sounds like a lot more than it really is… it was a clear foul and, in my opinion, that of the referee and VAR, It was a yellow card.”

Prosecutors have informed Atlético Mineiro that the Hulk will be tried by the TSJD on May 18 on charges of “physical aggression”.

Hulk faces a possible sanction of suspension by Brazil’s Superior Court of Sports Justice for between 4 and 12 games.

Atlético Mineiro published a statement condemning that “it is unacceptable that the STJD prosecutor’s office, which must fight for exemption and fairness, lent itself to the role of making such a complaint offered by Mr. Rafael Bozzano.” which is clearly motivated by the desire to harm Club Atlético Mineiro”.

Mining Atlético believe that the prosecutor’s complaint was enriched after Gabigol criticized the Hulk’s kicks: “It is unacceptable that an unfortunate publication on a social network of a rival athlete may have prompted a complaint by the STJD prosecutor.” The complaint would be absurd in any qualification, much less physical aggression.”

If I kick Hulk, I get a red card, a 25-game suspension and go straight to the police station.”


Gabigol (Gabriel Barbosa), Flamengo international striker with Brazil, was too harsh when analyzing Hulk’s (Gianildo Vieira de Souza) kick to Willian Farias in the testicle.

According to Gabigol, if he had been the author of that kick, he would have been punished for “a red card, a 25-game suspension, and an assault straight into the police station. Articles in all game portals and a program just to talk about it. in.”

The Hulk replied to Gabigol on Instagram: “My goal is to present myself to the media and give my best to help my team, and not to shy away from someone who has more access to the world than me. name.”