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bloody communist attack

History in debate 12 May 1972 Part of the population does not exist. At least 30% of people living in…

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History in debate

12 May 1972

Part of the population does not exist. At least 30% of people living in San Miguel, Topo and other unions whose births were recorded at police stations in 1940 have problems obtaining certified copies of their birth certificates. The same happens with the deaths in the said communities in the same year, based on the fact that there were no records in the Civil Registry, as the commissioners at that time had not served notices in time. The problem has mainly arisen in the farming sector.

Bloody communist attack. Phnom Penh. Communist forces attacked the capital of Cambodia with heavy artillery (rockets, mortars and cannons) and then launched a ground attack with government troops and tanks fighting in the streets. Cambodia’s top military official, Major Chang Song, said communists fired cannons at several houses after the ground attack, which led to house-to-house fighting. The initial government casualties included 28 killed and 153 wounded.

The communist attack targeted the city centre, airport, railway station, a power plant and oil tank field, a naval base and the Ministry of Defense. Major Chan Song announced that government paratroopers supported by M-113 tanks had intervened in the street-to-street fighting. Communist casualties are provisionally estimated at seven dead.

Wait Baby Consuelito De Garcia, Mrs. Consuelito Balderrama de García awaits the heir she and her husband, engineer Jaime García, have been eagerly waiting for. For this reason, the maiden was the subject of a celebration organized by Mrs. Margarita de Fernández, Mrs. Petty de Covarrubias and Mrs. Ana Maria de Zamora, who invited their group of friends who congratulated Mrs. de García and gave her good coming into the world. presents the child.

12 May 1997

new commercial police, The new municipal preventive police force, called the commercial police, will become operational from 12 the next day. Consisting of 30 elements, they would pair to closely monitor the entire commercial area, some on foot and others on bicycle, armed and assisted with direct connected radios based on public safety and commerce. The initial investment for the acquisition of the necessary equipment for optimum performance of the elements is 100 thousand pesos.

López Portillo criticized MMH. Mexico City In his new book “Thresholds,” former President Jose López Portillo reveals that his successor, Miguel de la Madrid, and his closest aides—whom he says are now suffering from their own suffering— would have permitted and promoted a “ruthless” deal. and “disrespectful” against him, his relatives, his dead, his wives and his friends. The transcript is subtitled “The Revelation of a President Who Has Crossed the Doors of Death, Love and Power”, and its content is presented as a dialogue between the two characters.

Migrants demand justice. Washington. In the midst of President Bill Clinton’s visit to Mexico, hundreds of immigrants of all nationalities staged a demonstration in front of the White House demanding justice and their rights. “Clinton must fulfill his election promise of restoring the welfare of thousands of elderly, children and all who starve in this country that has been unfairly suppressed. Long live the fight for justice!” shouted Senator Paul Wellstone.

bloody communist attack

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