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Black figures against criminal figures Guadalajara, Jalisco

Guadalajara Jalisco.- State Government and Metropolitan Mayor Yesterday he presented the data of complaints done before the state prosecutor’s office…

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Guadalajara Jalisco.- State Government and Metropolitan Mayor Yesterday he presented the data of complaints done before the state prosecutor’s office So that the incidents of crime in the city come down,

Each municipal president and governor, Enrique Alfaro, presented eight types of theft the special followings they give, plus they murder and femicide,

He compared 2018 figures with 2022 and discussed some strategies, such as Tlajomulco. auto insurance in Or investing in video cameras in Guadalajara and Zapopan.

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Alfaro said that there was a decrease in complaints in the metropolis 57 percent between January and April this yearCompared to 2018, according to the data presented at Casa Jalisco, the city has grown from 19 thousand 956 to 8 thousand 572.

With this formula, the President has reiterated his assessment on the matter since the beginning of 2019.

However, other aspects of justice are neglected, such as number of convictions receivedAs well as offenses that according to an expert are not reported in the state.

black number

Inegi annually measures the amount of illegal activities that are not recorded in official statistics, noting that people They did not go before the right to condemn, This is known as the black figure.

According to this indicator, crimes were not registered in Jalisco in 2012. Representation 93.8 percent,

For 2020 – the most recent year for which this figure is available – it was 92.9 percent. that is, Only one in 10 crimes reach the state prosecutor’s office and enters the data that the authority subsequently presents.

Similarly, Inegi indicates that 58 percent of people do not approach authority because they believe it is Waste of time, don’t trust authority Or from the hostile attitude of the authorities.

complaint point

While he was campaigning, the governor proposed setting up of six comprehensive centers for the victims and receiving complaints. still, not finalized,

Yesterday the head of Strategic Security Coordination Ricardo Sánchez Berubén said that with the entry of the new prosecutor, Joaquín Mendez, they would take an action Decentralization of the State Prosecutor’s OfficeBut define the details nonetheless.

Yesterday the mayors themselves recognized the importance of more complaint points. For example, Salvador Zamora of Tlajomulco noted that Home burglary rates rise as people report more as a result That a complaint point was set up in the municipality.

“Ask for this support that it be decentralized, as Riccardo Beruben says, in which we can promote this part of the complaint because it is so important, One thing is to keep captive and the other is to follow up in the form When there is a signal,” said Zapotlanejo Mayor Gonzalo Alvarez.


In the most recent installment of the National Survey of Urban Public Safety (ENSU), which was taken into account from January to March this year, it was Recorded reduction in the perception of insecurityExcluding Guadalajara, where it developed and ranked as the sixth city with the highest perception of insecurity in the country with 87.1 percent.

Alfaro assured that progress is being made in this area and that it is going down in Guadalajara, though not at the rate he wanted. He explained that this is because People learn more about violence than the consequences of government,

“We have to work on that, it’s a challenge, it doesn’t make any sense to If people don’t feel safe“, she claimed.

What strategies work?

Jorge Ramírez Placencia, doctor of social sciences, assured that in addition to providing data on complaints, the authorities should give balance to the sentences received, Similarly, he questioned whether strategies – such as those of travelers – explain the low criminality that is assumed.

“(Governor) justifies the checkpoints where they are checking whether vehicles have weapons as a possible reason for the reduction in homicides and does not understand that historically the reason for this measure what is the relationship Not much evidence in favor of effectivenessThe expert said.

Grupo Reforma published that before 34 days after volcano erupted, only 8 weapons were confiscatedDespite the fact that the Authority had stated that it was its priority with these works.

Another item not mentioned in the official balance is impunity.

This medium announced yesterday that no justice has been done in this 94 percent of the 443 women registered in Jalisco since 2012 -The year in which the offense was typed- as there are only 27 sentences. On the other hand, the Impunidad Cerro Association documented that 86.2 percent of intentional murders registered in 2020 remained unsolved.

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Meanwhile, armed violence continues, and the most problematic points are within the state, such as the displacement in Teokaltich, or the recent dispute between two criminal groups in Mazamitla and the surrounding area.

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Black figures against criminal figures Guadalajara, Jalisco

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