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Beto Sierra changes her look and looks gorgeous

Mexico. – Singer and music promoter from Sinaloa Beto Sierra created a sensation on social networks after showing off her…

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Mexico. – Singer and music promoter from Sinaloa Beto Sierra created a sensation on social networks after showing off her new look, The artist decided to leave his hair behind and give an elaborate shape to his beard and mustache, stealing everyone’s eyes.

Via his Instagram profile, the 31-year-old from Sinaloa shared a few pictures of his transformation and garnered all kinds of praise. Now, his followers claim that he has become most handsome man in mexican regionalA style he has been singing in for many years.

Previously, Beto Sierra boasted of short hair and a less neat beard, but now he was seen as a soap opera heartthrob, shooting thousands of hearts among his followers on the social network, where he Asked his audience if they liked his new makeover.

Beto’s makeover was in charge of the stars’ famed stylist Vico Guadarrama, who is always creating, combing and fixing the famous of the times, some of the figures she has frequently participated in are Manélique González, Kimberly Loiza. , Ninel Conde and many more.

Beto Sierra changed his appearance and became the most handsome man in the Mexican regional

Beto takes care of not only the image of his face, but the rest of his body as well and it is this that the interpreter has surprised with a great anatomical transformation in recent years, as he has focused on the gym and body mass. impressive growth has been achieved. Also, a muscular sign that has melted all his followers.

Having focused on a fitness and healthy life, Beto Sierra decided to become a personal trainer And he has been involved in the physical changes that celebrities like Larry Hernandez or Eduin Kaz have gone through, who have lost weight and gained impressive muscle markings.

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Beto Sierra changes her look and looks gorgeous

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